How to Attract Employees Back to the Office in 2021

While remote work has taken center stage, several companies are looking to bring employees back to the office in 2021. Things are slowly getting back to normal but they are taking precautionary measures to gradually welcome employees. But how will they transition after teams have become so comfortable working at home? Companies will attract employees through anything they can get their hands on – from beverages & snacks to movie coupons.

With more and more people getting vaccinated, companies are opening their doors for everyone. While the modern model of remote work is wildly successful, people have started missing their conversations over the coffee machine and food vending machines. Apart from these, there are several other factors that influence employees coming back to their desks.

This article focuses on identifying strategies and techniques that can attract employees back to the office in 2021. Convincing them can be a challenge, but with the right techniques they will be able to come back. Whether it’s talking near the snack vending machines or sharing food over the lunch table, anything that works should be utilized.

How to attract employees back to office

Coming back to the office brings people closer to each other. Studies show that working at the office positively impacts mental health as well. They are also able to maintain a better work-life balance. Because there’s no time limit to work at home, employees might prefer to work at the office due to boundations of their work hours.

1. Make the office attractive


First and foremost, make the office attractive. You need to provide a creative, relaxing and stimulating environment to work. Add sophisticated furniture and amenities that make work attractive, install a hot & cold beverage vending machine, clean the office regularly, provide excellent parking options, etc. When employees feel that working at the office is much better than at home, they will automatically come back.

2. Encourage belongingness

Now let’s come to the community aspect. Employees must be encouraged to understand the sense of belongingness. People want the connection that is missing at home. Office brings them closer to people they work with and makes them feel like a part of the organization. Even hanging around the food vending machines for a while can bring a smile to anyone’s face even if they are having a hard day. This might not be possible at home for many people.

3. Focus on company culture

Another thing you need to focus on is the company culture. What values do you want your employees to adopt? You can just bring them back by enticing them with beverages & snacks. There has to be something of value – and culture is the best way to do that. They can brainstorm ways to encourage people to adapt to these values and bring back the company culture that once used to make employees feel like a part of the organization.

4. Make them feel safer

Safety is everyone’s priority in such times. You must make your employees feel safer. Health insurance, covid safety measures, and regular sanitization are a few ways you can ensure employees that their safety needs are taken care of. You can also ask them to avoid public gatherings for a while and conduct meetings by maintaining proper distance.

5. Offer a hybrid model


Not everyone likes to hang around the snack vending machines or chit chat at the office. You should be thoughtful enough to offer a hybrid model for working. Employees can split days when to come to the office or visit the office on decided days of the month. Flexible working hours can also be incorporated to ensure that employees feel the freedom that came with remote work.

6. Take employee feedback

One of the most important things to do is to take employee feedback. People must always have a say in what they feel at the workplace. You must ask the team to fill out surveys about what they like at the office and how they would want it. Most people would want to strike a balance between how they used to work at home and how they work at the office. Feedback also gives important information about whether or not the teams want to come back or not.

7. Highlight the perks

Whether it’s a hot & cold beverage vending machine or a room for yoga, highlight all the perks of coming back to the office. People love the extra benefits they get at the office, including the free Wifi. Offices are known to provide perks – including food coupons, discounts on several products and more. If you want to bring back the employees back to the office, focus on creating an environment that makes them feel like they are benefitting from coming to the office.

The traditional office culture is far from dead. By following these techniques, companies can easily attract employees back to the workplace and build a culture centered around belongingness and work-life balance.

Cheryl Henson

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