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Trendy Fixtures to Elevate Your Bathroom

The update of the fixtures in a bathroom is essentially one of the critical steps in constructing and renovating your dream bathroom. Aesthetics and functionality should be assessment factors in modernizing this space. This area jump-starts your day in the morning and should be able to relax and calm you as you end it.

A solid bathroom design should seamlessly merge practical qualities of furniture, fixture and accessories while looking beautiful.

Here is the rundown of the trendy fixture that is an upgrade but at the same time fits the lifestyle of the user.


A wall-mounted toilet is one of the good qualities of a modern-day bathroom. Gone are the days of an exposed water closet. They have a great concealed look that does not require a floor drain. Installation can be a breeze which is ideal for remodelling. This toilet operates through a wall-mounted push plate, which is accessible anytime for maintenance and cleaning.

Square bathroom sinks and trough sink

The square design and matte finish for sinks are straightforward. It also gives off an effortless yet trendy feel. A trough sink is a very functional and chic design element with a single large basin that can accommodate two or more wash stations. It is popular with tiny houses due to its practicality.


A wall-mounted vanity can surely add consistency to the whole modern vibe of the bathroom. This type of vanity design can give a seamless transition from the wall-mounted toilet and the square washbasins.

Freestanding tub

A massive freestanding tub can be the perfect centrepiece for the modern bathroom. The design will perfectly blend with the floor tiles giving off that illusion of continuity. The tub faucet will be a detached installation for a minimalist feel. You may find a comprehensive line-up of affordable yet luxurious bathroom fixtures, structures and accessories at http://www.jtspas.co.uk/. It is a powerhouse of modern installation for your dream bathroom renovation or construction.

Clawfoot tub

A clawfoot tub is a cross between the old design and the new. This design element goes perfectly well with a modern-day themed bathroom because it’s a simple yet elegant design that gives off antique yet chic vibes.

Shower doors

Frameless shower doors are a big hit nowadays due to their simplicity and spontaneity in the room. Gone are the days of mouldy door attachments. Frameless are easy to clean and gives off a crisp texture.

Linear shower drain

This type of shower drain is like a chameleon with the tiles and concrete of the shower floor. It perfectly matches, and it seems part of the flooring but functions as drainage. It is the key feature that makes this installation modern.

Towel warmer

Nothing defines modern better than a towel warmer. It gives such an elevated feeling of luxury to dry off with a nice and warm towel.

Heated bathroom floor

A cold floor can be a huge inconvenience, especially during the winter. A heat mat can be an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom. The floor also has an intelligent feature that the thermostat can control and program through your phone.

These new and modern bathroom design elements and fixtures can surely inspire and motivate you to get that bathroom upgrade. Of course, there are many factors to consider, like budget, space and layout, but modernizing your bathroom, in the long run, can be a worthwhile investment.

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