Whatever You Do, Never Underestimate Your Home Network Security

Is it not obvious that whenever there is some development in online security, there are individuals who are sitting waiting for the new tech to be launched so that they can develop new techniques or programs for their own means that have the potential or capability to bypass the new level of security or the new program.

Online security is one of the most sought out tool or feature that is obtained in today’s modern world. Why? Well the simple answer is that, online systems have more data than any other medium on the globe. All your security card numbers and information associated with that piece of information, your social security card numbers, your social media account email addresses and passwords. Everything you do is recorded using the internet and so if your internet connection does get compromised, then it may result in some tragic out comes.

Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers

Online hackers who have the potential to get valuable information of any user that is logged on or is using the internet service that has been compromised, so through extension, a single compromised network could potentially hold dire out comes for all people in a household, friends and extended family who have also logged on to the compromised internet network. Digital blackmail can be done when a hacked assumes control over sensitive information that has the potential to harm the user in more than one ways. Let’s say that a consumer who is employed in a major multi-national company, the company is also listed on the stock market or the NASDAC, the user or employee has information in his laptop that has the potential to vary the stock prices of the company and maybe even force it in to bankruptcy, such pieces of information maybe a lawsuit against the CEO that the media has no knowledge of etc. Now when a digital hacker gets his or her hands on this type of a sensitive content, then they can potentially hold the information for approximately any amount of ransom that comes to their mind, the ball is in the digital hacker’s corner and so they will in control of what happens if the user or employee or even the company do not entertain the threat.

Managed IT Services Guide

Now which are the biggest internet service providers that provide the proper level of network security and firewalls? Major companies like Verizon FiOS Internet and Spectrum Internet are the two networks that provide ample security for home networks so that no single customer comes under unnecessary attacks and, in a completely worst case scenario, becomes subject to digital blackmail. Spectrum Internet specifically pushed a lot of attention towards online security. The fire walls and anti-virus software’s that Spectrum customer service recommend and even provide for a fee are unparalleled and you should definitely get information about them through spectrum customer service with local cable deals. Even if you are not planning on getting Spectrum internet for your residence due to any reason at all, like the cable internet service not being available, then just contact the customer support and inquire about the hazards that are associated with your internet security.

Two Steps That You Could Take To Enhance The Security Of Your Home Wireless Network Security

1. Changing the name of the default home network

This is the most basic and first most thing that a user of internet services can do to protect him or herself from digital threat, just alter or change the name of your Wi-Fi network or your Service Set Identifier (SSID).

The main purpose for doing this is that when you have a default set name of the router that you have purchased or are using, then hackers would easily get to know of the type and company of the router, thus making it easier to hack it.

A pro tip is that you do not name your Wi-Fi after your own name i.e. that refrain from calling you internet service Wi-Fi, “Tom’s Wi-Fi” because if you do this, then you will automatically be letting the lurker know which house is Tim’s and so on.

2. Setting in place a strong and completely unique wireless network password to secure your network

Some common knowledge is that all wireless working routers come with a default, already set user name and key code, this is already present as the technician needs it to make a connection of your router with your household internet. These presetsettings of user name and pass code are quite difficult to memorize but when it comes to professional hackers or digital hackers, knowing that the default name and password is still strong is a wonderful thing to see as it makes their job that much easier to do. Hence whenever you get a new connection, be sure to change both of these.

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