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What to Look for When Installing New Bathroom Windows

Are you in the middle of a bathroom renovation? If so, that’s not surprising. Bathrooms stand along with kitchens as the most popular home renovation homeowners undertake.

And if you’re going through all that trouble, upgrading your bathroom window to go with your new style makes sense.

A great bathroom remodel isn’t complete if you don’t have great bathroom windows for your changes. Read the guide below to learn what to look for when performing a window installation in your bathroom.

Consider Your Privacy

Privacy should be your utmost concern when looking at a new bathroom window. It’s true that most window options come with privacy in mind. However, some may have materials that are better suited to the job.

Don’t just take a feature description at its word that a window offers privacy. Look at the window in person to see how much of the view inside the window material obstructs.

This is especially important if you have a bathroom on a lower level where it’s easier to look in. And if you want to let sunlight into your bathroom, you’ll need a window material that not only blocks the view into your bathroom but also filters natural light to let it inside.

Look for Ventilation

Bathrooms can get very humid. You have the shower running for several minutes, significantly increasing the humidity in the room. Without a way to escape, moisture can build up and create a damp smell in the room.

And if that moisture sticks around, you increase the chance of mold.

Ventilation will solve that problem. A well-vented window will allow the excess moisture in your bathroom to escape. This prevents many of the problems that occur in bathrooms without a fan to remove the moisture.

Check the Frame Material

Your frame material won’t be a huge deal in other rooms. Those areas don’t need to deal with a lot of moisture. That means they can use materials that aren’t as resistant to water without any problems.

The same isn’t true in your bathroom. If you pick the wrong material, your window frame can degrade quickly over time and lead to a replacement.

Look for window frames that are highly resistant to water. Some materials you can choose from are fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. If you want a wooden look, water-resistant engineered wood options are also available.

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Verify the Window Size

The size of your bathroom window may not be the same size as the rest of your windows. Many bathroom windows are much smaller. Because of this, you may have more limited options and need to stick with windows designed specifically for bathrooms.

Measure the size of your current window to determine the exact size you need. If you want to go bigger, you’ll need to make bigger renovations to your bathroom.

But depending on your needs, this may be a worthwhile investment. Since traditional bathroom windows are smaller, they don’t let in as much natural light as in other rooms. Enlarging your bathroom window area will let you frame a larger window and let in more natural light.

Find the Right Style

If you’re going for a bathroom remodel, the chances are good that you have a specific style in mind. After all, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on bathroom work and get a result that you don’t think looks great.

That makes the style of bathroom window you choose vital. Your window may take up a small portion of your room, but it will be one of the focal points that brings the room together.

There are many styles of bathroom windows to consider.

  • Awnings
  • Sliding
  • Casement
  • Double-hung

Investigate each one and consider how each fits your bathroom’s style. It also pays to look at the color options for each one to see if your ideal color is available.

Window Features

The next thing to consider when choosing a bathroom window is the window features. At a bare minimum, you’ll have a window with excellent ventilation. But there are a few other things to consider.

For instance, some people may want to open the window when taking a bath to help them relax. Listening to the sounds outdoors is a more soothing experience, so they want an open window. Being able to open a window partially can also increase the sunlight in the room.

Look at a window’s different features and determine if they appeal to you.

Pick a Manufacturer

Not all bathroom manufacturers are created equal. Many have unique traits and products that make them a better fit for your purchasing needs.

Take the case of wanting a particular material for your window frame. You may have an interest in Jeld-Win windows and want a fiberglass option. But if you look closer at their product line, you’ll see they don’t have fiberglass windows.

But when you look at Pella windows, you can find fiberglass windows with the Impervia line. They will be the better manufacturer out of these two options for your next window.

Find the Right Bathroom Windows

You may be able to get by with a standard window in your bathroom. But if you want to make the room your own and make it a nicer area, it pays to find the right window replacement to go with your bathroom. It also helps to find a bathroom window replacement with ventilation and durability to accommodate your bathroom use.

Now that you’ve read the guide above, you should understand more about buying bathroom windows and know how to find the right one for your needs. Keep it in mind while searching for the perfect option for your bathroom window installation.

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