What Our Cars Say About Us

Just like pets, they say you can tell a lot about a car owner by the look and type of car they drive. More often than not, a car is a window to the soul, to the personality of the driver and their tastes, desires, social class, and, sometimes, wealth.

While it might seem a slightly generalized point of view, there is some truth to the stereotypical idea of cars matching their owners. For example, if you’re older and well-off, chances are you might now drive a luxury car (Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, etc.) compared to the faster sports model you likely drove in your youth.

The make, model, style, and even the color of the car you drive can say a great deal about the person you are – which is why personalization is so important.

What the type of car you drive indicates about you

Although there are no hard and fast rules, there are some general indicators that can be ascertained from the type of car you drive. For example:

  • City dwellers who tend to make mostly short-run trips for the weekly shop or to work will likely choose a smaller, more economical run-around type vehicle.
  • Families tend to opt for a larger, more capacious, family-oriented vehicle for longer trips and for making the school or sports run.
  • Driving a camper or motorhome will suggest you like touring.
  • Although there has been a growth in the use of SUVs for town use, the fact these vehicles were originally designed for country/off-road settings might indicate you partake in outdoor sports or work in an outdoors-based role. Incidentally, if you do want to make a statement about how you use your SUV, you might want to consider adding simple mod kits to give it that off-road vibe with something like these hot 4runner accessories.

The effect of color

The psychology of color carries through all spheres of life and affects everything from how we decorate our homes, creating different moods or atmospheres, and our clothes. Consequently, it should come as little surprise that the color of the car we drive can also send signals.

When taken in conjunction with a car’s shape, size, and power, color can send an extremely powerful message about your underlying personality traits. For example, a male driving a small turquoise car will send a considerably different message than one driving a black, high-powered sports car. Equally, these color signals transfer across the sexes.

How a car can be seen as a symbol of status or wealth

In our often rather materialistic world, cars can also be used to signal wealth and/or status. Just the sheer price tag attached to some vehicles puts them clearly outside the reach of the average earner and can be a potent indication of a person’s earning power. Moreover, some cars come with automatic kudos – mostly built on a strong pedigree of cutting-edge design and high reliability – but that often transfers directly to the owner as a symbol of status. After all, very few of us will likely ever reach a point in life where a Bugatti is a realistic proposition – so ownership immediately makes a statement about the driver.

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