Back to School Décor Ideas

It is September already, and while everyone is muttering to themselves about how the summer has disappeared, and the weather changes are coming already, there is also another group of people who are preparing to either go back to school or start school!

This can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, but those students who are moving away from home for the first time might wonder where to even begin when it comes to cooking a chicken or decorating their room.

Well, there are plenty of recipes online that can help you learn how to avoid food poisoning, but this piece will help guide you on how you can decorate your new space!

Separate your workspace from your living space with a desk

A Desk Is Essential

As tempting as it might be to work from your bed at every opportunity you can get, getting a proper desk that you can use in your room can help put you in the right headspace to be productive and to get into the studious spirit.

You can get so many different styles to suit the aesthetic you are going for, and it should be easy to find compact options if your room is more on the smaller side or you are sharing with a roommate. If you are into space-saving, you can also get your hands on folding desks which you can put away after use!

A Decent Bed Set

You might not be able to choose your mattress, but you should be able to choose what you dress your bed with. Try and make your space as comfortable as possible as it is going to be where you get the majority of your rest – which is well needed for those who are learning!


The good thing about bed sets is that they are relatively low cost and come in a bunch of different styles and patterns, so you can really put your own stamp on your room. Good materials make all the difference in how comfortable and warm you are. For those who want the ultimate snug life experience, why not opt for a teddy duvet set or invest in some furry blankets and cushions to create the bedroom den of your dreams.

Spruce up the place with your own personal touches

Stylish Décor

When you first go into your own new room, either in a college dorm or shared accommodation, the chances are it is going to look a little bland. Most student rented accommodation is decorated as plainly as possible, which does not exactly inspire creativity, productivity, or a feeling of homeliness. Because of this, many students want to get their hands on some brilliant and personal décor to make their place feel like their own. Posters are a great non-permanent solution to sprucing up a place and hanging and sitting ornaments also add a lovely touch. Browse Old Glory Rustic Sign Co. to find some of the perfect pieces for your new room.

Make sure you can wake yourself up and wind down

Think About Lighting


Lighting is an important part of every room, and while students are often up at the crack of dawn or still awake from the night before, there will be some late-night cramming sessions where they are huddled under a lamp trying to remember everything they need for their exam. Of course, a desk lamp is important for this but also think about other lighting such as mood lighting too or low lighting if you are sharing a room with someone else. After a stressful day at school, you might not want to sit under some bright florescent lights in your bedroom, and if you need to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, you probably will not want to wake up your roommate by having to turn on the main light. Consider these factors when you choose what lighting you would like to go in your new room and how it might look.

Get Organized

Being organized will fast become one of the most useful skills for a student to possess, as they are about to be juggling a lot in their lives. When students are on the go constantly, it is easy to become disorganized, messy, and have issues with keeping on top of things such as keeping the bedroom tidy and remembering where everything is.

There are many options to choose from now which offer stylish and convenient organization solutions that you can fit into your space.

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