Vitamin Deficiencies: 8 Major Signs You Are Running Low

The term “vitamin deficiency” is familiar to everyone. Most of all, it is associated with colds, which become more frequent in winter and spring. But, in fact, this phenomenon is much more diverse and serious.

Lack of vitamins can cause cramps, inflammation in the gums, insomnia, and digestive disorders. And these problems have nothing to do with the seasons. But they are directly related to the diet. We will tell you how to determine which vitamin you are missing and what to do about it.

Symptoms Of Lack of Vitamins In The Body

1- Muscle Pain And Frequent Cramps

If your limbs often get cramped, this almost certainly indicates a lack of elements such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Magnesium deficiency can also provoke sleep disturbances and increased headaches.

To replenish these microelements’ reserves, you need to eat more fermented milk products, cottage cheese, eggs, legumes, leafy greens, and fish. You also need to include pumpkin seeds, sesame, flaxseed oil, and wheat bran in your diet. And more often to delight yourself with bitter chocolate.

This condition worsens by the passive mode of life. Experts noted that during the period of self-isolation, the deficit of magnesium and calcium in the population only increased. Therefore, one of the most necessary measures is regular physical activity.

2- Heart Diseases

Lack of Vitamin B and other elements lead to heart problems. There may be multiple reasons for their deficiency. Abusing prescribed medication or excessive alcohol consumption are major causes of these deficiencies.

According to research, adults use the drugs such as ecstasy in powdered form for pleasure. They consider them less harmful. However, ecstasy addiction is as harmful as other addictions and leads to several health problems. It is better to avoid using them or get some treatment.

3- Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Hair Problems

Frequent indigestion and hair loss can indicate a zinc deficiency. Therefore, you need to add pine nuts, cocoa, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds to your menu. A balanced diet is generally very important for the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines. You should not miss out on important vitamins and determine the correct portion size.

4- Weakness And Stunted Growth

One of the most serious deficiencies in the world is a lack of vitamin D. Without it, the normal growth of the child’s body is impossible. Even the psychological health of a person, metabolic processes, and the normal absorption of other vitamins and minerals suffer. In fact, vitamin D is not a vitamin but a hormone that we make when exposed to sunlight.

But even in the summer, we do not go outside as long as it takes to get this element in the required quantity. The main recommendation is to walk outside more often. In the summer, choose the morning and evening for this. Also include fatty fish, cod liver, caviar, milk, and dairy products to make up for the deficiency.

5- Bleeding And Inflammation In The Gums

Everyone associates the frequent incidence of colds and viral diseases with a lack of vitamin C. But recent studies show that there is no such direct connection. But the lack of vitamin C greatly affects the condition of the teeth and gums.

It is also needed for tissue regeneration and wound healing. If you start having problems in the oral cavity, it is worth adding greens, bell peppers, fresh cranberries, rose hips, kiwi, and citrus fruits to your menu.

6- Pale Skin, Headaches, Bad Taste In The Mouth

These unremarkable signs may be the first to tell you about iodine and iron deficiency. Swelling of the front of the neck, sudden weight gain, constant weakness, and changes in heart rate will also tell about iodine deficiency. Lack of iodine can lead to thyroid disease.

It is especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children. To replenish this element, you need to use seaweed, seafood, yogurt, prunes, and iodized salt. Lack of iron can also be indicated by lethargy, frequent dizziness, darkness before the eyes, and dry hair.

The most important consequence of iron deficiency is anemia. And to replenish the iron deficiency, you need to eat buckwheat, meat, fish, liver, wheat bran, legumes, and dried fruits.

7- Irritability, Chronic Fatigue, And Various Skin Problems

Vitamin B is very important for our body. Without it, normal functioning of the nervous system and the production of hormones are impossible. With a lack of these vitamins, there are frequent migraines, increased fatigue, and an acute reaction to stress. Moreover, different vitamins from this group are distributed unevenly.

For example, items B1 and B5 are very rare, but they are also important. To fill the deficit, you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits like beans, spinach, asparagus, oatmeal, various nuts, and seeds.

8- Various Cosmetic Problems

Minor problems with the appearance can also indicate a lack of any elements. Cracks in the corners of the mouth will signal a lack of vitamins B3, B2, and B12. Redness of the eyes indicates the lack of vitamins A and B2. Acne and rashes on the face tell about the lack of vitamin B7.

Excessive hair loss will also tell about this deficiency. To replenish vitamin A, you need to eat more carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, peaches, and melons. Paprika, sage, curry, basil, and other seasonings will also help to eliminate the deficiency of these vitamins.

Wrapping It Up

Many experts recommend replenishing the lack of vitamins through food. You should purchase vitamin complexes in a pharmacy only after consulting a doctor. Many vitamins require other substances to be absorbed by the body. Not all complexes take this into account.

In addition, there is a risk that while taking medications, you can get an increased dose of certain elements. It is also bad. There are also many studies that show that consuming large amounts of synthetic vitamins can even lead to cancer. That is why it is better to consume vitamins with food.

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