Types of Lighted Palm Trees

If you are looking for a new home decoration, why not choose a lighted palm tree? This palm-shaped decorative object can make your home look more beautiful at night. There are so many types of lighted palm trees available on the market, and these will all have a unique style and appeal. Here are the main types to choose from:

Chilean coquito palm

The Chilean Coquito Palm (Jubaea chilensis) is a unique palm native to Chile. It is large, with a trunk that can be up to 1.5 meters in diameter. It has a distinctive, thin frond-like appearance with small flowers that are borne on a stalk up to 4 feet long. The fruit is orange in color and the fruit’s common name refers to the one-inch nut inside. During the harvesting season, the tree is cut to the ground and its sap is harvested.

Everglades palm tree

Lighting the trunk of an Everglades palm tree is an excellent way to bring it to life. The light shines through the palm’s white flowers, which are arranged in inflorescences that extend past the leaves. The flowers are followed by small fruits, which are yellow, orange, or black when ripe. When the leaves are illuminated at night, the Everglades palm looks wonderful. This tropical palm can grow to be as tall as 25 feet.

These beautiful trees add to any home’s decor by adding a touch of ambiance. The evergreen foliage can resemble the sand dunes and watery lakes of the Everglades. Its fan-like leaves are up to two feet long and covered in fibers. The flowers are followed by small, round fruits, which are reminiscent of coconuts. Inflorescences on the Everglades palm are also quite striking, with their large, creamy-white flowers extending well beyond the foliage.

A beautiful artificial palm tree is sure to add tropical style to any home. Designed with 105 clear lights, this palm tree offers a warm glow. Flame-retardant PVC needles add a natural touch, and a weighted burlap base provides a stable base for the artificial palm. Its pre-lit feature plugs into a wall outlet and measures 30”Dia.
chilean coquito palm

Puerto Rican thatch palm tree

When a Puerto Rican thatch palm tree is a Christmas decoration, it becomes a beautiful sight, and you may find yourself wondering where you can get one. This palm is easy to care for and is a low-maintenance choice. The limbs of the tree are rounded and have silvery undersides. It is about two to eight meters tall, but some individuals can reach 11 meters. The flowers are a pale yellow and the fruit is purple-black when mature. The graceful drooping fan leaves are silver beneath.

The official tree of Puerto Rico is the ceiba, also called the silk-cotton palm or the kapok palm. It grows to 150 feet tall and has a canopy like an umbrella. The limbs are covered in aerial plants, making the tree important to indigenous Tainos. Their thick trunks were used to carve canoes, and their fluffy fronds were used as a sailcloth.

The Puerto Rican thatch palm tree is an exceptional tall palm. It has a single bare trunk that is topped with a cluster of palmate leaves in a fan shape. Its fronds are about one foot long and ten feet wide. The palm’s fruits are a purplish black color. Located in the tropical landscape, the thatch palm tree is easy to spot. Its sparse leaves and cockstem grow to around 50 feet (15 m).


Ponytail palm tree

Choosing the right location is essential to the health of your Ponytail palm tree. A sunny location is ideal for this tropical palm, but even partially shaded rooms can provide enough light for this plant. In cooler rooms, a supplemental artificial light should be provided. A full-grown Ponytail palm requires five hours of direct sunlight. Ideally, a window sill facing south or west will work well.

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