Types of Court Ordered Classes

You may have heard of someone who went to court to face charges and was required to take a class as part of their sentencing. For many first-time offenders, this is the recourse a judge will take to try to put them back on the straight and narrow path. There are a number of different classes a court can mandate someone enroll in, as well as support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or mandatory counseling sessions. Some of the most popular court ordered classes include anger management, parenting classes, driving classes and drug and alcohol awareness.

Anger Management

These courses are typically for people facing charges resulting from a loss of control of their emotions. Maybe someone lost their cool and beat up someone or damaged property. If it’s clear their actions resulted from difficulty to control their temper, a judge can mandate that person take an anger management course. This class often consists of group therapy sessions and is designed to help people find ways to manage their anger so they don’t feel the need to lash out at others.

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are options for parents facing charges of not properly caring for their children or teen parents who are working through custody issues. These classes might be given through a third-party organization, such as the American Red Cross, or through the court’s online course portal. They typically cover basic childcare techniques and safety procedures to ensure all parents and legal guardians are adequately informed on how to properly care for children.

Driving Classes

Often, when a person is brought to court for a major traffic violation, they are mandated to take some type of driver’s safety course, often defensive driving. These classes are similar to the driver’s education courses everyone must take before they get their license. They teach the basics of safe driving, such as using blinkers, respecting speed limits, and the dangers of driving drunk or distracted.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

These classes might be assigned to people who are brought up on drug or alcohol charges, such as possession of an illegal substance or driving under the influence. They cover the dangers of using substances, especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle or while in charge of minors. They will also explain the sentences a court could hand to them if the violation is repeated.

Court-mandated classes are a way to keep first or minor offenders out of jail, while still reminding them of the severity of their actions and how to avoid a repeat offense in the future.

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