Tips for Air Compressor Safety and Maintenance

Air compressors are necessary to your business, but also they can become a danger if used incorrectly. To help prevent your air compressor from injuring or even killing you, develop a list of standard safety precautions to help support your regular maintenance routine: To help ensure your safety, always place your air compressor on the ground or a flat surface and do regular compressed air service Jacksonville FL. If you plan to use your compressor outside, make sure that it is not near anything that could fall or become unstable. Also, if your compressor is going to be running inside, it is best to choose a quiet and cool area.

Make Others Aware

The next step in air compressor safety is ensuring that everyone in the building knows the right safety procedures for using the equipment. Make sure that everyone who will be using the air compressors knows how to use them properly. This includes those with physical disabilities or young children. For businesses that offer instruction, make sure that employees take proper training and follow the safety guidelines completely.

Avoid Excess Moisture

You should also work with your air source heat pump or blower to avoid situations where there is excessive moisture in the air. This can cause the compressor and the other components to seize up. If your heating system consists of a water tank, it should be periodically emptied to prevent damage. If you are using compressed air to fill the water tank, you should never leave it unattended. Remember that too much water in a compressed air system can lead to serious injury or death.

Maintain Safe Pressure

You should never operate a machine at high pressures because of possible dangers. High-pressure air can cause burns, serious injuries, and even death. Before using a high-pressure air compressor, you should follow the appropriate safety measures and consult with a company that specializes in air compressor safety. You should never operate an air compressor without the proper intake air pressure gauges and you should never use the machine while under high pressures.

Install Safety Equipment

It is also a good idea to install safety equipment around your machine. For example, automatic safety tips on the control panel and circuit breaker panel may help you identify hazards. You should also be familiar with the proper safety tips for the particular type of machine that you are using. If there are specific safety instructions for your type of compressor, you should read them carefully. Read the manufacturer’s manual for additional safety tips and always follow them to avoid accidents.

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