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Although most couples procrastinate for hours over every wedding detail, from wedding day style to décor and table favours, capturing your special day should be top of mind, and what better way to do so than with a wedding photo booth.

  • When it comes to entertaining both young and old wedding guests, photo booths have you covered. From kids making funny faces to Granny piling on the props, everybody likes getting silly in front of the camera. If couples take adorable kissing photos or whole extended families attempt to fit into the frame, the photos capture the festivities’ mood.
  • Not only this there will you be able to see and hold some amazing memories, but your visitors will be able to do so as well, building a little momentum just for them. You might also integrate the pictures into your wedding favours adding a personal touch.
  • Hiring a professional Atlanta photo booth to set up, maintain, and organize your wedding photo booth will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day. Booths can take the form of pop-up tents, flower pods, staged set-ups, or even inside quirky cars, with a variety of personalized props and backdrops.
  • Flowers that are as large as your heart! When you make giant paper flowers and hang them from the ceiling or build a wall display, everyone will be dwarfed by your tall, fluffy floral display. This will draw attention to any other perspective-enhancing props you use, and it will also look lovely and amusing!
  • Perhaps your party already has a fairy-tale theme. Or that you simply want a picture booth with a backstory. A booth enthrals all with a special theme. Choose your favourite story, as this couple did with their ‘Mad Hatters Party’ themed photo booth, which is full of all things strange and unusual!
  • Guests would be unconcerned about the backdrop once you have custom props. However, if you really want one, use a glittery or colorful sheet like this. It’s very easy to do and very successful.
  • It is a brilliant way to get exclusive pictures and bring a little extra fun to your wedding or reception; simply write “Kissing Booth” on the top and watch the drama unfold! You know whom and what to blame if a guest love story begins at your wedding!
  • With this pool party photo booth, you can add some summer to your snaps. Obtain some pool party printable props, such as this one, for your guests to enjoy. Make a statement!
  • The vivid display of colorful umbrellas, such as this one, will serve as a fun focal point in your party décor as well as a vibrant place for your guests to take pictures. You can apply them as new them upside down from the ceiling for a more European look.

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