How to Organize an Office: The Key Things to Do

Did you know that people who are organized are more productive? If you want to learn some office organization, tips we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some tips on how to organize your office furniture and your home office.

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Put Things Back Where They Belong

Part of keeping an office organized is putting things back where they belong. Head over to your desk and begin to group items together.

Will you keep your computer and office phone? You might want to have a small pen holder.

Determine if the other things that were on your desk need to go back. If they aren’t items you use daily, try to find another place for these things.

If you have some loose paperwork that you need to file, put the papers in the right spot.

Try to do this daily, so things don’t build up. Put things back where they belong, so you don’t have a cluttered desk.

Pick up Trays and Containers

Chain retailers and office stores have different trays that you can pick up to fit inside a desk drawer. Use one of these containers to keep all your essential office supplies well-organized.

You’ll have a spot for your paper clips, tacks, and loose pens or pencils to go.

You can also look into getting stacking trays. A stacking tray is helpful for paperwork you need to go through. Consider picking up two and labeling them an outbox and an inbox.

Get New Equipment

Do you have some office machines that are slowing down? You might need to upgrade your computer or get a new hard drive.

What about your old scanner or fax machine? You could look into getting a multifunction printer. You can organize your office and make it more functional when you make these updates.

Pick up Printer Tables and Bookcases

Move your multifunction printer off your desk and on its side table.

You could get a stand that’s near your desk, so it’s easy for you to print and grab a copy. Consider a mobile pedestal. See more here about potential options.

Consider getting a more extensive desk if your small one isn’t working well. Some people end up getting a side table to place next to their desk and use it as an extra workstation.

When shopping for new desks, make sure you find something that’s ergonomic. You don’t want to hunch over and get a neck strain.

If you have books or manuals cluttering your office, look into getting a bookshelf. You could get bookcases built into your office. You’ll have more space and a spot to put new books.

Now You Have Some Tips on How to Organize an Office

We hope this guide on organizing your office was helpful.

Now that you know how to organize an office make sure you start with your desk. Declutter your desk daily, and put items back where they belong.

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