The Unique Benefits Of Hiring A Disabled Person

There are a large number of people suffering from disabilities here in Tasmania, and it’s more than you might think! Over one-quarter of people in Tasmania have a disability, a number that is higher than all of the other states and territories in Australia! Some disabilities are immediately apparent, while others are more difficult to discern, but that doesn’t make their impact on a person’s life any less consequential.

It is very important for people with disabilities to be able to participate meaningfully in our society, and just because they might have some limitations, it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of making a contribution to Tasmania’s rich and inclusive way of life. One thing that disabled people want to do is work, so disability employment services in Tasmania is helping our disabled find jobs that they are able to not just do, but excel at! Giving the disabled the chance to work and be an important part of our vibrant way of life and growing economy is a gift to all Tasmanians.

If you are a business owner and are considering hiring more workers, we would like to ask you to consider hiring a disabled person for a position, and the following are just a couple of the many very good reasons why it will be beneficial to them, and to you!

People with disabilities perform just as well as any other person when placed in a position that suits them, as proven by different perspectives. Their life experiences can be quite different from the average person’s, and in many cases, these seeming disadvantages turn out to be advantages thanks to their ability to see things from a fresh perspective. This enables them to formulate innovative solutions to problems most people might not reach, and problem-solving is one of the chief skills any business owner looks for in an employee! People with disabilities have real-life experience when it comes to adapting to difficult situations, and they bring this strength and insight with them to the workplace where it can be a significant boom to solving the issues your business faces.

Provide Insights – As we mentioned earlier, roughly 27% of Tasmanians have disabilities, so what are the chances that some of them will be your customers? High! Who better to understand the special needs of the disabled, and respond to them in the best possible manner, than your disabled employees? People with disabilities often feel out of place or misunderstood even when going about common day-to-day transactions, so if your company can meet their needs with someone who truly understands and shares their concerns, and can use their unique insights to better attend to them, it is going to be a win-win situation for all involved!

The Tasmanian Government is highly invested in promoting the hiring of disabled people, check their Disability Employment Portal for more information. While it remains true that people with disabilities are not able to do some things, it is also true that they can do other things exceptionally well, so give them a chance to show you what great employees they can be!

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