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The Top Tips When Trying To Heat Up Your New Zealand Home In 2024

We do get lots of warm weather here in New Zealand but if you talk to any residents, they will tell you that we don’t get near enough. We do experience drops in temperature on a regular basis and so we want to be able to heat our homes easily but affordably as well. Clearly, we use electricity to perform this function and depending on the time of the year, you may have to have your heating system on from first thing in the morning when you and the kids wake up to last thing at night when everyone goes to sleep. It’s also likely that the heating will come on intermittently throughout the night to keep everyone snug and so it is important to choose wisely.

Knowing what you want and choosing the right kind of heat pump are two completely different things and we are pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to the many different models that are out there and the various outputs that they perform. Having all of these choices has actually made buying a heating system more difficult than it should be and so the following are just some top tips to help you purchase wisely when trying to heat up your New Zealand home.

  • Consider your home layout – As mentioned, many different kinds of heat pumps exist with various capacities, so you need to figure out which one you need. These systems use many different sources to provide you with and so figuring out the amount of heat that you need to keep your property comfortable can sometimes be quite difficult. This is a time when you need to take yourself online to use various calculators or you could just talk to the people at the store.
  • Comparing energy efficiency – When using power for electrical items nowadays, they want to save themselves money on running costs but they also want to do the right thing by the environment. We are increasingly becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and so you need to do your homework when it comes to energy efficiency and the running costs of your heat pump. Each heat pump will come with its own energy rating as set out by the New Zealand government and this helps when making a purchasing choice.
  • The features & functions – There are many choose from and so you need to work out which ones will add to your comfort and your convenience as well. Do you need a timer, is a remote control required and do you need Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can control the pump before you get home so that your property is warm when you arrive.

One more thing to consider is how long the appliance has a warranty for and how long they will service it as well. You’re going to be spending quite a bit of money on this particular piece of equipment.

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