Top 9 Skills Employers Look For

Employers are looking at your experience and technical skills but they’re also looking for certain soft skills. These are the top 9 skills employers look for.

1. Critical thinking and problem solving

Employers want to know that you can assess a problem, formulate several possible solutions and execute the solution that works best. You might even be tested on these soft skills in an interview situation.

2. Adaptability and flexibility

Employers want to know that you can adapt quickly when you encounter a new situation. Employers also want to know that you can work in different environments without disrupting other people’s work. Your ability to make changes on the fly will be an important part of your job performance.

3. Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are very important soft skills. Employers want to know that you can work well with others. You all depend on each other to complete the job, so your ability to collaborate will be tested in an interview situation. Employers also look for people who can mediate or resolve conflicts between team members. Team players are important.

4. Positive attitude

Employers are looking for people who will bring a positive attitude to the job. This is important because your attitude will influence how well you get along with others, and it could also improve morale in your workplace. Your attitude may also have an effect on clients or customers who deal with you regularly. A positive, upbeat personality is a valuable asset.

5. Professionalism

This goes hand in hand with your attitude. Employers are looking for people who will come to work looking neat and clean, wearing appropriate clothing and behaving respectfully toward management. Be aware that employers think twice about employing someone they wouldn’t want as a customer or client!

6. Strong work ethic

Employers want to hire people who work hard. Be aware that employers will look at your time management skills, and they will ask questions about how you manage your workload. Employers also look for employees who can get the job done without complaining. Your co-workers may rely on you to help them out when you have time in between tasks, so you need to manage your time effectively.

7. Oral and written communications skills

Employers want to hire people who can communicate. In an office environment, you will have a chance to show your communication skills in both written and verbal form. You also need the ability to convey your thoughts clearly when speaking with clients or customers.

8. Knowledge of relevant tools and technology

Employers want to hire people who can effectively use the technology in their workplace. When you are job hunting, this can be a significant advantage over other candidates. It’s important that you make it clear on your CV and in an interview that you are familiar with relevant tools and technology. For example, if you are working with clients in multiple languages, you will need to know about translation software.

9. Leadership

Employers want to hire people who will become leaders. Leadership skills are tested in an interview situation, which include self-motivation, strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as the ability to motivate other team members. Employers also look for people who can take initiative when it is required.

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