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Taking Care of Your Health: A Guide for Men

Healthy living isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. While the general consensus is that, naturally, a healthy diet and healthy exercise routine are always going to win out, it’s also important to consider the health risks to your own gender, as well as your own personal lifestyle. You could be more at risk of certain health conditions due to your job or home life, such as if you sit down all day compared to someone who works on their feet.

That’s why taking care of your health is a personal journey to you.

Top Health Risks in Men to Watch Out For

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Other mental health problems
  • Suicide
  • Low testosterone
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Liver problems

A Guide for Taking Care of Your Health

Here are some key areas to focus on when it comes to taking care of every aspect of your health.

Look After Your Mental Health

There’s no shame in suffering from mental health struggles, such as depression, anxiety or even suicidal thoughts. The suicide rate among men is around 4 times higher than it is in women. Depression and anxiety don’t just impact your mental health, but your physical health and daily lifestyle, too. Depression can lead to many other health issues, such as obesity or heart problems due to lack of exercise or a lack of healthy lifestyle from depression, which is why it’s so crucial to talk about it. Seek help if you’re ever struggling, whether it’s talking to family and friends, or your doctor.

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Enjoy a Healthy and Safe Sex Life

Sexual health is just as important as mental, emotional and physical health for a man. Erectile disfunction and testosterone imbalances are very common with men, and the problems that occur as a result of this (such as lack of sex drive, or a problematic sex life) could also lead to other health problems, such as depression or lack of confidence.

Speak to a doctor if you’re suffering any sexual health concerns, as solutions are available, such as erectile dysfunction treatment or hormone replacement therapy for men with imbalanced testosterone.

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Find an Exercise You Enjoy

Everyone knows that exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, but to give yourself the best chance of keeping up with an exercise routine and keeping in good shape, you should always try to find an exercise that you enjoy. It’s okay to do exercises you don’t enjoy formed around your fitness needs or goals, especially if they are doctor recommended, but if you’re looking for a long-term health and fitness plan, then always look for an exercise you’re not going to dread doing. Some good starting points to consider are:

  • Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person. Would you prefer a home or gym workout, or would you like an exercise within nature?
  • Whether you want a set workout slot, or whether you’d like to achieve exercise through other activities. You may be someone who likes to hit the gym with that sole purpose, or maybe you like working out organically, like through hikes with the family, or even through your job.

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