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ShowBox APK Download | Latest UPDATED [Showbox 5.36] 2020

Showbox APK Download – Download and install the latest version of 2020 ShowBox APK 5.36 and watch HD movies and TV for free.

What is Showbox APK?

Showbox apk has shown commendable popularity with regard to Hollywood entertainment. People of all age groups tend to do a lot of research to find apps that make their task easier. Nobody wants to waste a second downloading the next movie to watch.

If you have landed here looking for the Showbox apk, then I don’t think this app needs a special presentation for you. However, just for the sake of my friends who are new to the Showbox concept, I must reveal that the Showbox app is a completely free app that allows you to stream and download free movies and TV series on Android.

Showbox Apk Download 2020

If you like Hollywood movies and follow Hollywood TV shows, this app is for you. You can watch movies and TV series in high definition without worry. I am going to clarify how you can get the apk, install it on your phone, what important functions you are going to enjoy.

Instead of an app, these movie download sites will help you download movies.

Be it a TV series, a Hollywood movie, a documentary, or a parody, the app has it all. The invention of the smartphone and the cool apps we can put on the phone has made our lives easier than ever. Showbox apk remains the demanded and loved app in the entertainment category. Don’t worry, I will guide you through everything Showbox apk has for you.

Showbox Apk has fascinating features for your phone

  1. Showbox has everything you need: Showbox is all about digital entertainment. The app saves a ton of time we spend on the internet to find the movie. We can directly stream the movie or episode of our favorite television series directly in your hands on your mobile phone screen. The application has maintained an excellent database for movies, anime, TV series, documentaries, and others. You will find what you are looking for.
  2. No restrictions: The application does not impose restrictions for you to watch movies or TV series. You can easily stream every piece of playable content provided by the app.
  3. Stay on a safer side: Well, all I know about memory problems in Android is that they persist. The application is less than 7 megabytes in size and will not disturb devices that are often low on memory.
  4. Simple and easy options: The application will allow you to download and stream movies, series and animes with one click. Search for the movie or series episode you want to watch, after the search results appear, you will be able to stream and download the content very quickly.
  5. The interface is important: This application has a simple, clean and easy to use interface that does not require prior training to operate the application.
  6. Chromecast: You can cast movies to your TV with the help of Chromecast. There is nothing better than watching a movie on an HDTV.
  7. The app provides a library function: You can select separate shows and movies and add them to your Showbox library to distinguish them for you.
  8. Display quality is important: The app gives you the freedom to choose video quality from 1000 dpi to 300 dpi, depending on your resources, your device’s specifications, and your internet connection speed.
  9. Voila! Stream and Download support together: I know that very well! Sometimes streaming is preferable, but other times we want to download movies. Showbox allows you to stream and download all available movies without any hindrance.

The Best Part of the Showbox App

Why only Android? Not at all! Showbox apk is available not only for Android but it is kept free for Windows operating system and also for iOS. If you are going to your PC, then this application is still there for you (this is possible using an application known as blue stacks, which is an Android emulator that will run the apk directly on your laptop or desktop).

Second, a similar iPhone app is invented that goes by the title Moviebox for iPhone. It works in a similar way to how an Android app called Showbox works on Android.

Download the latest version of Showbox Apk

Apps are always updated from time to time, adding new features and fixing minor bugs that come up is now a trend that is essential too. Here is a list of all available versions. You can choose from these options the option that best suits your device. Take into account everything you need that the application already offers in each of these versions.

As of now, Showbox Apk 5.36 is the latest version of 2020. Most of the issues have been fixed and are now fixed in the latest version, and it works without causing any problems for you. Click the link below to get the latest version of the Showbox app:

Download ShowBox APK 5.36

Previous Version

If you have a great desire to try older versions and want to download any of these previously released versions, you can click or tap on the links provided below to download, feel happy to install and use.

How to Install ShowBox?

Knowing how to install the application will make your task easier if you are not sure how to install third party applications that are not being installed from the Play Store. You can install the application in these three simple and easy steps.

  1. First, download your preferred apk file by clicking on any of the download links. Remember the path where the downloaded files are stored.
  2. Go to Settings -> Security -> Activate ‘Unknown sources‘ (This step may be different for various devices, depending on the version and the Android device, you have to follow a different path, but basically you just need to activate the option that will allow you to install non-market applications without notice).
  3. Go to the apk file through the file explorer and tap the file and tap install to install the file.

What’s next: Enjoy unlimited free movies, animes and Hollywood movies for free.

My sincere feedback after using the Apk

I AM REALLY AMAZING TO SEE THE APP’S DEDICATION TO THE NEEDS OF THE PUBLIC. The application has an excellent maintained database. I was able to locate TV series and movies that I couldn’t find with the search engines. I can also download the videos in HD quality to take advantage of my connection speed. Download is simple.

Try apps like Showbox

The interface is straightforward and easy to use, as well as the streaming options that make an app worth owning. Sometimes when I choose to follow a TV series and miss an episode, Showbox helps me watch that episode without tension.

Download ShowBox App For Android Latest Version

So you too are a staunch fan of the Showbox app just like me. Let me tell you that Showbox has made my life on the Internet easier by saving time spent on research. The digital world has gone too far in terms of intelligence and creating reliable solutions based on our needs. The Showbox app is one of those inventions in the entertainment category. If you are here, your patience to download Showbox has brought you here.

Don’t worry at all because if you want to download the Showbox Android app, we’ve organized all the versions you might need here. Once you have installed the application on your smartphone, you will have access to unlimited free movies easily.

Download the Showbox App for Android

Showbox is not a small application for Android. Showbox is quite a useful invention that makes linking to Hollywood entertainment easier than ever. Use the Showbox application to collect the value of your internet bill. If you have high-speed Internet, congratulations, you’re one step away from free entertainment. Even if you missed a TV series, you can locate and watch it with the help of Showbox in just a fraction of seconds.

Showbox App Download

To install Showbox on your Android phone, you do not have the privilege of getting it directly from the Play Store. You have to show a little effort. You need to get it from external sites that provide APK files for the apps available on the Play Store and the apps that are available but outside of the Play Store. Chances are high that you can find the Showbox app on Blackmart.

Features of the app that will fascinate you

  1. All for free: In the world of the Internet, everyone emphasizes premium membership. Boot up when you look at this app, this app provides everything for free. You can stream movies; you can download movies and yes, all for free. Thanks to a torrent network that has made file sharing easier than ever.
  2. For everyone, design is important: Developers have paid attention to the fact that users need a clear, simple and easy-to-use infrastructure. Showbox is very easy to use. Even a small child can handle the application without the need for specialized training or tutorials.
  3. Available or not: Don’t worry, it’s available. Although the application is not declared official by the Play Store, it can be found on many APK sites.
  4. LUCID INTERFACE: The application will not confuse you, it has a search box, movies, library, TV series tabs similar to a music application so you can have a safe control of the application.
  5. PROMISING TALENT: As this app works on the torrent network to bring us the movies we need, the app will never fool you. It will provide you with a streaming video file, and download files in different qualities will make it easy for you to choose the file that best suits your needs.
  6. MASSIVE DATABASE: Whatever you were looking for, it was there in the app. The application also shows updates (new movies and series) that are available once we load the application.
  7. TORRENT-BASED: Torrent has been found to be the home of every new HD movie and series.

Why Download the Showbox App

I recommend that you download the application because it saves me time, it locates my films that I cannot discover through search engines. He streams movies to me whenever I want. More than anything it provides me with a library option that helps me make the app my own. I can imagine how difficult it becomes to pay the internet fee for many of my friends, in such a situation downloading movies for money is a big no-no.

Download Showbox For iOS | iPhone, iPad, iPods

Looking for showbox for iOS? If you have seen your friends watching Movies on Showbox and are finding an app similar to iPhone, then you are at right place. Due to some reasons, ShowBox is not available for iPhone, but the same app is available. Showbox is a fantastic movie streaming and downloading app that has created a lot of buzz in the entertainment category. Be it any cartoon, anime, movie, TV series, Show Box covers it all. The best part is that the app works on torrent links that will never deceive you.

Showbox has been taken off from plays store but unofficially APK sites have bared it all to make a copy available so that users can install the app and enjoy the movies for free. Watching movies using Showbox has gone easier than ever. If I talk about the app design and interface, it is lucid, concise and needs no particular tutorial to be learned.

Even a kid can operate the app without having any difficulty. Showbox For Android is available but Showbox for iPhone is unfortunately not available due to many reasons. Fortunately, Movie box is the app for the iPhone and iOS users which do exactly what ShowBox does on an android smartphone. Thanks to the developers of the app.

Download Showbox For iPhone | Download Movie Box

When it comes to iPhone, call Showbox as Moviebox, both the app does the same task but at different platforms. Installing freeware on iPhone has never been that easy, so for the installation of movie box to you need to have another app installed first. You need to follow these simple steps to enjoy movies free on iPhone. Though iPhone and free together sounds peculiar but yes, you will have access to free movies and TV series content with the help of Showbox. The good part is that there is no jailbreak needed for this. Let’s begin:

  1. Download freeware named vShare (Unjailbroken one). You can download directly by clicking here.
  2. Install vShare and tap on TRUST when it first asks you so.
  3. Open the vShare App. Tap on search and Type MovieBox, you will see some search results for apps names MovieBox and the similar ones.
  4. Download and Install MovieBox using the vShare app and enjoy free movies on your iPhone. Kudos you have done a task that seems impossible for many.
  5. If the phone asks to trust again. Tap on trust again and enjoy.

Don’t worry the method will work for you. We have tested it for you. This method is confirmed to be working on iOS 9.2.1.

Learn more: Download ShowBox App for iPhone (iPad)

Features of Showbox For iPhone & iPads

  1. It offers you what you need: MovieBox offers everything that you need. You need latest movies, animes, TV shows and music videos right. MovieBox has everything you need just like ShowBox.
  2. Simple interface: The app is easy to use and do not require any special introduction and tutorial to the features. To access side menu, you just need to Swipe right from the left aspect of the screen. You will be able to access different media types, your favourites, what is in the downloads and more. After all Movie Box Side Menu makes the design simpler to a music player who is as good as doing nothing new to operate the app.
  3. Search or advanced search: MovieBox lets you sort the search by genre, rating, or year. Though the basic search box only brings you what keywords you put in it but yes, you can sort.
  4. Downloading movies with MovieBox is easier than ever: The app knows what exactly you need. Based on your requirements you can stream or download the video in different sizes. on low, standard, or high Definition (HD) setting. The video can be viewed or downloaded based on your preference. Users can also watch the movie trailer before wanting to download the full-lengthvideo.
  5. Is it free: Yeah, it’s completely free. You can watch movies on iPhone for free. Though it’s impossible but yeah you have achieved worth appreciating success.
  6. No jailbreak needed: If you were sure that you need to jailbreak the phone, then you were thinking it wrong. You do not require any jailbreak to install the app on your phone.

What if app is giving you problems?

Do nothing. Just kidding. You just need to clear the app cache to get the app back to working mode. Clearing app data will make the app back to current default condition, making it easier for you and your phone to handle the again. You will be able to enjoy free movies, music videos, TV series and anime for free. Be happy that you have fixed the problem.

Hope you have realized the power of Showbox for iPhone. All the questions that arise in your mind are now clear and made you land here on our site. If you are looking for ShowBox for iPhone, you will come to different sites; which will suggest you download and try MovieBox for iOS. MovieBox for iPhone is free software that will allow you to enjoy all the movies that you will watch for free.

Many sites even confuse ShowBox for Android with MovieBox for IOS. They call MovieBox for IOS as Showbox for IOS because both applications do the same task for you, providing free movies. For more updates, please visit again. Encourage us by sharing your experience with the app, like sharing and commenting.


I hope you liked the post and that the questions you are looking for answers to have been answered. The Showbox app is a free movie app and can be downloaded from sites that provide APKs. There is a possibility of contracting a virus if you get a potentially unprotected site from search engines, so I recommend that you have an antivirus installed for safety. For safe downloads, you can use the links provided in this post.

Now download the Showbox app easily and get access to relaxing content without spending a single dollar on it. Follow us and bookmark us for a more interesting post about Showbox apk and other tech stuff. Likes and shares, comments and appreciation motivates us to bring more and more creative things to our audience. Bye. Have a good time.

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