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ShowBox Alternative – We are back with more awesome stuff related to free movies and ShowBox. There is no doubt that in the world of thousands of free movies and video apps available, ShowBox is the leader in the act of online distribution of free movies and TV shows. Although the problem has been fixed, in the last few days, we have faced many challenges with the ShowBox app.

Best ShowBox Alternative 2020

In this article, I am going to clarify applications like Showbox and that will allow you to have a hard time without any difficulty. I am going to present a list of the best movie streaming and download apps that will work at times when ShowBox shows you the errors. These are the best Showbox alternatives at the present time. Don’t forget to bookmark the Showbox PC hack.

Some problems ShowBox had

Personally, I encountered problems like a server not responding error; video is not selected, ShowBox not working and many more problems. The difficult moment that ShowBox made us face has prompted many of us to look for alternatives to ShowBox because once ShowBox stops we will have another application that will fill the void until ShowBox is alive again.

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ShowBox Alternatives | Apps like Showbox

Looking for Showbox alternatives for Android / iPhone / iPad to enjoy movies and videos? If so! Then you are in the right place. The list of apps similar to Showbox is presented below. Here is a list of 5 ShowBox alternatives that you should try now.

1. Movie Box application

The Movie Box app is the perfect choice in addition to ShowBox. That is why it is the first number on this list. It has all the similar features as ShowBox, and you can enjoy all the new and old movies without spending a single penny on them. This app has video notes, reviews, subtitles, and much more for each movie, so there would be no language barrier if you use this app. It allows you to watch movies and shows in any video quality, from low to high, such as 1080p, 720p, 480p and more. MovieBox app is only available for iOS platforms like iPhone / iPad.

It allows you to watch movies and shows in any video quality, from low to high, such as 1080p, 720p, 480p and more. MovieBox app is only available for iOS platforms like iPhone / iPad. Movie Box is exactly like Showbox and the best Showbox alternative if you are an iOS lover.

2. Popcorn Time app

Popcorn Time is a faithful movie streaming and downloading app. Popcorn Time ShowBox alternative app not only shows its magic touch on Android and iOS, but is also compatible with Linux. Surprised! It has maintained a massive database and allows you to enjoy many free videos and movies. It allows you to stream videos in almost any quality, from standard to high definition.

After visiting their official site, you can

  1. Download Popcorn Time for Android
  2. Download Popcorn Time for iOS
  3. Popcorn Time for Linux

3. Playbox HD app

Developers know the need for the world that exists. Hence, they tend to keep the best stuff and apps for free. HD PLAYBOX app is another ShowBox alternative for Android and iPhone / iPad users. With PLAYBOX your complete entertainment comes in one unit and has similar features to ShowBox. Anime, cartoons, TV series and movies are the core elements that it has to offer you. Movies and other videos are provided in high quality; you will enjoy the next movie you go to see.

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4. Crackle app

Not satisfied with the above apps, we have something else for you. Crackle app is another best ShowBox alternative due to its commitment and amazing features. In terms of popularity, the application ranks high: it has between 20 and 30 million active users. I am struck by an attractive feature of the Crackle app that allows you to add videos to the watch list so you can watch them later when you have time.

By providing this feature, you value my busy time. It supports multiple platforms and is available for iPhone / iPad and Android. Below are the download links for it.

5. MovieTube

We have MovieTube as the last but not least app on the list, MovieTube is on the list due to its rich features and it is one of the showbox-like apps. The app has a lot of HD movie videos, and you can watch the videos / movies / anime / TV shows on any device like MAC OS, Android, Windows PC and more. The app has useful features and is rewarded with a simple user interface.


With this, the list comes to an end. Although ShowBox is the best app available for free movies, anime, and TV series on Android, it may still display some bugs and errors and may run into trouble sometimes. In such case, don’t worry, because we have included the alternatives that you can try in your difficult moments and still enjoy free movies in HD quality. Hope you have enough information about the best Showbox alternatives that you can try.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Comment on what you use other than ShowBox and still call the app the best you can get. Be helpful and let the world know. Feel free to share and comment. See you again, until then stay happy, stay excited.

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