What Are The Main Reasons To Choose Android App Development?

In this digital era, mobiles have become the main device in the world. It comes with a lot of technological and advanced innovation. At present some of the mobile phones are so advanced. To accommodate the advanced needs of mobile users, the applications have come into survival. Nowadays the apps are made under the most dominant mobile platforms. There are lots of mobile phones available for development such as iOS, Windows and Android. When compared to others, the Android platform is moving forward by its popularity.

That’s why most of the mobile developers are choosing Android platforms for apps development. To complete their task, many mobile developers hire a mobile app development company Miami, which should be reliable and trusted source and can finish the task easily. Many mobile app development companies have started their venture from startup and now they have become one of the most successful mobile app development companies of the world.

Why choose the Android platform?


At present, mobile applications are becoming more popular. They are growing rapidly in affording web-based solutions. Most of the mobiles devices in the market use the Android platform. There are many reasons and benefits for developers to pick android app development such as cost-effective, high reliability and many others. However, Android is considered to be the best and ideal platform when compared to others. If you are searching for the best platform then Android is the right choice.

The reason why to pick android platform?

Here are some of the main reasons to pick android application development:

  • Android can be easily accessed

One of the most excellent parts of Android is that it can be effortlessly accessible to any android programmer. It has probable and capacity to create some of the most innovative mobile applications.

  • Open-source

This is one of the main reasons to choose Android over than other platforms. The open-source of Android makes it very simply accessible by mobile phone manufacturers. Its code is so easy and can be utilized by any mobile manufacturers. This makes the Android devices high demand in the market place. According to the research, more than 60 per cent of smartphone apps is run on Android.

  • Ability to install from any source

Android applications can be installed from any source. In addition, it is very simple and possible to test the app on multiple platforms. In addition, it is also possible to set up your app directly on the device.

  • Portability

The mobile developers make use of the Java programming language in order to generate android app development. This one makes it very easy to native Android apps to the other mobile OS.

  • Huge marketplace

Another main reason to consider Android app development than other platforms is the availability in the marketplace. We know what is Google Play store. It is nothing but the biggest application store for mobile apps. There are millions of apps available at this store. People use this store in order to download and install their desired android based app onto their device. It is considered as the best place to get any kind of any android applications.

  • Social media optimization

Android platform is the best for developing social apps. Business owners must develop mobile applications in order to connect with their customers. So android will be the right choice.

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