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Preparing To Renovate Your Bathroom

When you live in a busy house with multiple bathrooms, renovating one can seem challenging, especially when dad likes to read the daily market overview on the toilet. That said, the proper preparation can offer a little stability during this trying time and make the process easier. Here are some steps you can take to prepare and make the process go smoother.

Confirm Construction Times

Start by ensuring the renovation of your bathroom won’t take longer than you expect. Your construction schedule is built on the arrival and success of all your contractors and subcontractors, such as your plumber in Oslo. Just one late arrival or mistake, and you’re off schedule for good.

Talk to Your Contractor

Your safety is obviously a priority during the construction process. Therefore, you should ask your contractor about daily cleanup, dust control, and containment options. This can give you ideas about how to keep your children and pets safe.

Think about your house and ask about how they will protect your flooring on the route from the door to your bathroom. Work with them to figure out a staging area where they can have materials from their distributor dropped and take steps to ensure the floor and furniture in that area are protected. Likewise, discuss the necessity of a dumpster outside so you can ready an area for it. Then, determine where workers need to park. You may also need to figure out where a portable toilet will be left and when a company will come to service it. Make sure the cost of all these measures is reflected in your estimate.

Streamline Shower Products

If you’re sharing a bathroom during the renovation, the number of occupants in the available one can double or triple. Therefore, you’re going to need to plan how everyone is going to use the space. For example, the best way to keep the shower clutter-free is to share body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. This will reduce the total number of bars and bottles needed in a cramped shower.

Schedule Your Bathroom Times

Think about everyone’s bathroom habits. Mornings tend to be the busiest, so you may have to wake some people up earlier than normal, so everyone has hot water and time. You can create a schedule and take turns getting out of bed early.

Spread Out

You can prevent traffic jams in the bathroom by taking some of the tasks done in the bathroom to other spaces. For example, you can turn your desk in your bedroom into a table where you can finish your hair and makeup. Also, a powder room or half bath is the perfect place to start brushing your teeth and shaving your face.

Join a Gym for the Shower

While it may seem extreme, now is the perfect time to join the gym. Not only will you be more likely to get your workouts in, but you will also have a place to shower afterward. The biggest benefit is that this prevents scheduling conflict with your shower. It can also give you a great place to escape from the noise of the construction.

Sort and Downsize Your Toiletries

Your cabinets will be overflowing with toiletries that no one uses at the start of your remodel. Bring three boxes with you into the bathroom and maybe a stool or chair so you can sit comfortably as you go through these items. Start by throwing everything that no one will ever use into the”garbage box. The other two will be for daily use items, which will need to stay out for the remodel, and occasional use items, which likely won’t be needed during this time.

Add a Caddy

When countertops, shelves, and cabinets are maxed out, you should add a freestanding caddy to your bathroom to give everyone the toiletry space they need. If that won’t work, you can always try the carry-with-you caddies like in college. Each family member can put their daily items in their caddy and carry them to the bathroom.

Good planning skills can help you survive a bathroom remodel with minimal hiccups and inconveniences. Following these tips will seem like the remodel finishes in no time as you avoid any problems.

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