The Brief and Only Camping Checklist You’ll Ever Need to Have Safe Fun

After a long couple of months spent cooped up in the confines of your house, it’s time to go camping and put some adventure back in your life! Trouble is, you need to make sure everything’s packed for the trip before you go, and nothing drags down the camping mood faster than having to lug around 5 bags because you were positive you needed to bring everything under the sun.

So how can you make sure you’re only bringing the essentials?

Well, we’re glad you asked. With our brief camping checklist, you’ll be out having safe fun in no time! So without further ado, let’s jump into the thick of things!

The Shelter Essentials

One of the most essential things you’ll want to bring when going camping is a tent to provide shelter at night or from the elements. You’ll also want to bring along a set of stakes to make sure the tent stays put and doesn’t blow away in the wind.

Make sure you bring stuff for sleeping too (unless you’re willing to catch some z’s on the cold, hard ground). Sleeping bags are great for this, as are camping pillows for those who appreciate the head support.

You should also get mosquito netting for your tent to protect yourself at night. Mosquitos can carry, and you’ll stay in optimal health if you keep them away.

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Outdoor Gear For Any Situation

When you go camping, it’s imperative you bring along the gear you need to navigate the wilderness. Lanterns or flashlights are must-haves for navigating in the dark, as are extra batteries for these devices in case one dies on you.

Mallets or hammers are required to help get your tent stakes in the ground, so pack those too. You’ll also want something to cut firewood with, whether that’s an ax or the best camping knife you can find. Camping knives also help you deal with pesky foliage and assist with any hunting or cooking you plan to do.

Cooking Time

Speaking of cooking, you’ll also want a pot and utensils to handle whatever food you plan to eat on the trip. If you don’t want to deal with setting up a fire, bring a stove and the required fuel so you still have a way to heat food. Some bowls and mugs will help you hold the food, while a tub and dish soap will let you clean dishes to re-use them.


You’ll also want to bring a water purifier or jugs of water to make sure you have access to clean water for drinking and cleaning. Trash bags are a solid idea too, as you don’t want to leave scraps around for bears to find.

Clothing and Safety Tools

In terms of clothing, bring a fresh pair of clothes (aim for ones that are moisture-wicking or dry fast) for every day you plan to camp. A solid pair of hiking boots will also come in handy, as you’ll want proper foot support when wandering around the woods (and something you won’t mind getting covered in mud). If you plan to camp during the colder months, a warm jacket and wool socks are essential items.

But what about keeping everyone at your campsite safe? First-aid kits are invaluable tools, as are alcohol wipes and a reliable map to ensure you don’t get lost.

Sunglasses and sunscreen should get packed if you plan to deal with the beating sun, and toilet paper/feminine hygiene products/other toiletries need to come along too. If your campsite doesn’t provide a toilet, you’ll want to bring a small shovel to dig a latrine too.

Now Take This Camping Checklist and Go Explore

So, now that you have this essential camping checklist, you can go out there and carve a new path of adventure! And if you’re looking for more camping tips before you head out into the wilderness, make sure to check out the other posts on our blog!

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