Portable Offices for every Construction Site

With new construction sites all over the UK, we know it will be hard to find excellent temporary accommodation. This is why your best option might not be to search a few miles but go abroad. Portable Facilities UK have built up an excellent reputation for providing durable and reliable site cabins and portable offices.

We spend all of our time making sure that every design is functional and suitable for your company’s specific needs. Our commitment to providing nothing but high-quality cabins for our clients has been sustained due to the years of experience we have in doing so. Cabins show the world who you are and what matters most to you.

Highly Affordable

A reliable accommodation, be it a long-term site office or something more temporary, must be supplied quickly and easily. High-quality features are essential in every cabin, and Plastisol recognises this fact. Customised facilities mean that each welfare cabin, site cabin or office is designed to meet your needs – both for size and layout.

Custom Designed

You can find a cabin from 40 to 12 square feet on this site, so there are plenty of options to fit any budget and offer what you need for your business. They’re built tough and come in different shapes considering the size and expense you may be looking for.

The combination of a full timber frame, steel exterior, and marleydeck roofing mean cabins are exceptionally well protected. The cabin can be modified to suit each order by making changes such as installing partitions and converting them into a “girls only” cabin or installing additional toilets and showers.


In addition, you can make climate control adjustments such as cooling or heating the cabin, depending on your needs. You can also change the light settings to different brightness levels.

We build different cabins or site offices, with the bigger and more comfortable ones for those who need a safer environment. They’re designed to provide safety & comfort and come ready for transport as soon as we are done building them for you. It’s also easy to move, and you’re free to relocate it as often as you like. No matter where it goes, it can easily connect to plumbing and electrical outlets.

Portable Poles UK combines numerous options to offer the best construction cabins. They have a durable exterior alongside modern-contemporary finishes. Plus, they’ll be cost-effective long term and can make a big difference in your business.

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