Get a Personalised number plate for Your Car

We get it; that’s why you’re here. Whether you’re looking for the perfect personalised number plate for your 4-wheeled baby or want to buy a vanity plate from a #1 seller, we have the ideal solution! Many people buy their cars, but others look for an extraordinary gift.

Not only is it better as it’s something they’ll use every day, but also because it’s unique and will last them many years. If you’re looking for that special present, keep reading to find out why private registrations are the goods!

Private registrations tell a story

We have a vast selection of private registrations available for purchase right now. For a person who has everything, a personalised number plate can be their little bit of uniqueness.

One that lets them show off the important things to them, like their name, nicknames, profession or interests. If you’re looking for private number plates, do some searches – there are bound to be a few that will match your style.

A gift that oozes style and luxury

A private registration plate can make your car seem more important and worth more. On the other hand, a custom license plate offers a lot more in terms of the wow factor.

In addition, it can be practical on an anniversary or somebody’s birthday. However, you’re still not getting your point across if they’re unaware of what they mean to you.

When you get your custom number on the road, people will admire you for being out and about.

Private registrations are quick and easy

Private plates aren’t relatively as easy to find. Luckily, site like makes it easy for you to find the plate of your dreams.

We design our site with user-friendliness in mind, meaning you can buy your perfect number plate (or search for a random one) all from the convenience of your own home!

Then, after you’ve chosen and bought your private registration, we manage all the documentation and provide them to you quickly.

A personal number plate goes a long way

If you give the gift of a private registration plate to somebody, then it’s guaranteed that they won’t just put it in a cupboard and forget about it.

This makes it a long-lasting present, which will feel like a big reward. The recipient can enjoy it every day without worrying about running out of uses since the gift goes everywhere they do.

Gift a private registration plate today

Our company is DVLA Authorised and has over 30 years of experience in the buying & selling of private registration plates. So if you’re interested in giving an extra special gift to someone who’ll appreciate it daily, try a number plate from us.

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