Packing Tips for Business Travelers: What to Put in Your Suitcase

Business and leisure travel are not the same thing. While many things on your packing list might be the same, there are a lot of things that won’t be.

It’s important that you’re prepared for your business trip. Making a list before you go helps you ensure that things go smoothly. Double-check your list before departure.

Here are the things that you will need for your trip.

1. Electronics

Without a phone, conducting business won’t be easy.

In fact, doing just about anything without a phone these days isn’t that easy. Your phone should be at the top of your list along with any chargers and accessories.

For work, you’re probably going to need a laptop, too. Also, bring a pair of headsets and a power box. You never know when you’ll run out of power.

If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll probably need adapters. Check beforehand what types of plugs your destination uses.

Larger electronics will need to be removed during the security check. If you’re flying, make sure that your electronics are easy to get to so you can save time.

Bring an extra charger in case you lose it.

2. Enough Clothes

Business attire isn’t that easy to pack.

Your clothes will probably get wrinkled in the suitcase. Make sure you’re staying in a hotel or apartment that has an iron or a dry-cleaning service nearby.

Plan enough time to iron and prepare your clothes. You might need to arrange a late check-out or early check-in so that you can do this. Using a professional booking service like Hotel Engine will make this easier.

It’s always good to pack an extra set of clothes. You never know when you might spill something or have a canceled flight.

There are some easy ways to change up outfits if you’re trying to stay stylish.

For example, you can wear different scarves or hats with an outfit every day. Or mix and max pants or skirts with different tops.

People are pretty understanding when it comes to traveling. If you have to re-wear an outfit, they won’t judge you for it. If necessary, you could even ask to borrow clothes.

You should always make sure you have enough socks and underwear. Luckily, these are pretty lightweight items that are easy to pack.

Choose clothes made of lightweight material that dries easily.

3. Personal Items

It’s always nice to travel with some touches of home.

Bring your favorite snacks or things that remind you of your family. You don’t want to bring too many things or items that are too heavy. But you do want to be comfortable.

Invest in travel-size containers of your favorite shampoos, soaps, and perfumes or colognes. Keeping up with hygiene is important during travel.

Sticking to your routine will help you feel more relaxed and ready to work. Bringing along your favorite brands will help you do that.

It’s usually better to bring too much than not enough.

4. Entertainment

There is a lot of waiting during travel.

A lot of this waiting is unanticipated. You never know when a flight or train will get delayed. It’s always nice to have something to keep you entertained.

A classic book is the best thing to pack. Here is a list of the best books of 2023 from Vogue. A paperback isn’t going to run out of batteries, but a Kindle might.

With streaming services, keeping yourself entertained is easier than ever.

As long as you have your phone or laptop, you can watch your favorite shows or movies. Of course, heading to the local cinema is a great way to support local businesses, too.

5. Documents

Your main priority on a business trip should be work.

Bring hard copies of all the documents that you need. Bring an extra copy, too.

Don’t forget your personal documents, either. Make sure you have your passport or other forms of ID. It’s always good to have a copy as well.

Write down your hotel information and other travel info. That way if your phone dies, you’ll always have a backup.

Print your plane tickets instead of relying on a digital copy.


Packing for business travel isn’t that difficult. You just have to know what to bring.

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