Maintaining Your Emergency Vehicle

When you are running an emergency vehicle or even more than one, you need to focus on maintenance as much as possible. If you are not putting into place a maintenance plan, you may find that your vehicles are not ready to use when you need them. You may also find that you end up spending more to get them up to standard. More than you would have spent had you focused on maintenance.

Why Maintenance Is Crucial

Maintenance can help you spot problems and deal with them before they escalate. It can also help you spread out the cost of running and maintaining a vehicle. Maintenance can keep your emergency vehicle on the road, and this could be a make or break for your business (or the service you operate). When you focus on a well-planned maintenance schedule that covers 6 months, or even a year you can anticipate costs and budget accordingly. You can also factor in any potential void periods for when your vehicle may be off the road.

Checking All Lights Are Operational and Functional

When you are looking at the maintenance of your vehicle, it is important to realize that there are plenty of things you can do yourself. You do not need to take your vehicle to a car garage, or an auto mechanic for everything. For example, you can take charge of making sure that all emergency lights are operational and fully functional. This may mean checking and replacing the Flashing amber beacon light on your vehicle. Or, it may mean checking headlamps, brake lights, and indicator signals are working as they should be. If lights are not working or functional like they should be, then your vehicle may not be suitable to be on the roads. This can of course be frustrating, but it can also be costly too, especially if you have to halt the services you provide.

Checks Carried Out at a Garage

There are going to be maintenance checks that need to be carried out on your vehicle. These are going to need to be carried out by a compliant garage, or by an auto mechanic. Trying to carry out these checks by yourself could be dangerous. Plus, it could be costly too, especially as untrained people can often end up causing unnecessary damage. Booking your vehicle in for an annual service, or even getting it checked out every few months is going to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that you need when you are out there on the roads.

Keeping the Vehicle Clean

Something simple, but often overlooked is the cleanliness of your vehicle. Dirty vehicles inside and outside are hard to maintain, and they can often make minor problems look and feel worse than they are. It is, therefore, crucial that you keep your vehicle clean (internally and externally). When you practice good cleanliness within your vehicle maintenance program, you will find that it is easier and quicker to spot and rectify additional problems and concerns.

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