Everything You Should Know About a Planning Permission Architect

The law governing the construction of buildings has long incorporated planning permission. It subsequently has been observed for many years and will continue to be observed for many more. Although there are occasional adjustments, this is actually a requirement for constructing any type of building. This is due to the fact that planning permission is seen as a mandatory approval required for construction or expansion and occasionally for building demolition. The right to apply for planning permission is held by both homeowners and building professionals such as architects, site engineers, building engineers, etc. However, if you are unfamiliar with the procedure, it can be time-consuming and difficult. This is a primary reason why a planning permission architect should be hired to take over the project. This article will discuss the justifications behind this decision in detail.

Reasons for Hiring a Planning Permission Architect

In addition to providing architectural services, a planning permission architect also specializes in requesting planning permission on behalf of property owners. The justifications for hiring them to handle your application for planning permission are discussed below. Let’s look at them now.

Preparing application documents

A few documents must be ready before you can apply for planning permission. These are the building’s necessary supporting documents, the correctly filled-out form, and the right payment fee. The building’s documentation includes all architectural plans, sketches, and additional information. This is a key reason for hiring a planning permission architect.

Handling the procedure on your behalf

Planning permission can only be approved for a maximum of 13 weeks. You should be aware that if the building’s design is not too complex, you can complete it in 8 weeks. Even then, if caution is not exercised, you could spend longer than this projected time range. This is due to causes related to process unfamiliarity that force you to halt at one point or another. A professional’s assistance is required in order to avoid becoming a victim of this type of delay. However, there is an additional cost for this, but it is a very wise choice. When a professional such as a planning permission architect is hired, they oversee the entire planning permission procedure. The process for obtaining a planning clearance involves 7 phases on average. Pre-application guidance, application and validation, publicity and consultation, site visit and assessment, recommendation, decision-making, and appeal are the 7 common phases. Planning permission architects are very capable and aware of the needs for each stage.

Potential for referrals from a planning permission architect

The referral process is another motivation for hiring a planning permission architect. Since they created the blueprints and drawings for your building, they can suggest professionals who can precisely reproduce what was created there. They will continue being involved after that, coming to your building on a regular basis as the project moves forward to examine it and make sure the building code is followed.


Nobody else can perform the job of a planning permission architect in such a competent manner. The explanation is that they are qualified and specialize in this. They also underwent training to achieve their specialty, which offers them an advantage over other building experts when applying for planning permission.

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