How to Get UAE Virtual Phone Number?

Are you a UAE resident and need an extra phone number? Or maybe, you live abroad but need a local number for your business? In both cases, this service will help you:

Who Needs a Cloud UAE SIM Card?

Usually, a virtual (cloud) card is useful in such cases:

  • For business purposes, especially if you are doing business in the UAE but are located outside the country. It should be convenient and profitable for locals to call you.
  • For personal use: if you are a UAE resident and want to have an additional phone number that is not associated with your identity. Buying a virtual SIM (unlike a real prepaid one) does not require disclosing your name or other personal data. You can use it to create additional accounts in messengers, social networks, etc. without fear of it being associated with you. In addition, you can use it to register on resources that send out spam advertisements. Thanks to the virtual number, all these messages will be stored outside your phone.
  • To register on local resources. Some local apps, websites, or platforms may require you to provide a UAE number to register. If you are a resident of another country, a cloud number is a cost-effective and convenient way to access resources with geographical restrictions.

How to Get a UAE Cloud Number?

To get a UAE cloud number, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Hot Telecom website.
  2. Select the number type (Voice).
  3. Select the United Arab Emirates from the list of countries.
  4. Select the direction for call forwarding (SIP, phone, Telegram).
  5. Specify the period during which you want to use the number. Please note that you will receive a discount for paying in advance.
  6. Pay for the service.

Now, your partners or friends from the UAE can call you conveniently. The call quality will be consistently high; there will be no interruptions or delays in the voice.

All information about your number, account status, etc. will be stored in your personal account.

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