IV Drip Therapy: Definition, Benefits and Types

IV therapy, or how it is known in the medical community, intravenous therapy, is a process by which various nutrients and water are directly administered or inserted directly into the bloodstream so that the body can use them immediately.

This method is used and is very good because it is the fastest way to deliver nutrients into one’s body. The nutrient absorption rate, in this case, is more than 90%, whereas if you had taken the nutrients orally, it would have been 20-50 percent. With its high success rate, IV therapy has amassed a huge following. So much so that IV drip therapy Los Angeles is available in almost every clinic. Now that we know a bit about IV therapy, let us understand more about it.

Different Types of IV Therapy

When it comes to IV therapy, there are two main types of it: IV push therapy and IV drip therapy. The two methods are different in the dosage and duration of the dosage. The amount of fluids inserted is the dosage that we are talking about here.

Let us now understand each of them in Details

  • IV drip Therapy

An IV drip is a type of therapy where the fluids, whatever the fluid may be, are inserted slowly directly into the bloodstream using a catheter.

To infuse the fluids into the bloodstream first, a very thin plastic tube, a catheter, is taken, and a needle is attached to it. Using the needle, the catheter is inserted into the veins, and then slowly, the needle is removed.

All the fluids pass through the catheter and enter the veins. On average, IV drip therapy lasts for about 45-60 mins while administering about 250-1000 ml of fluids per session.

When this therapy is going on, every patient in an IV drip therapy Los Angeles session or any other place can be awake reading something or watching something; Just their movements will be restricted.

  • IV push Therapy

An IV push therapy is administered when a patient already has a catheter inserted into his or her veins. In this process, the required fluid is pushed into the veins via the catheter very slowly.

Usually, this process takes about 15-20 mins, and around 30-60 ml of fluid is injected into the veins. This type of IV therapy cannot be done without a doctor supervising the whole process.

IV therapy Benefits

Since the fluid is directly administered into your veins, the nutrients won’t give you Absorption, gastrointestinal, or digestive issues, which nutrients, when taken orally, might give.

The nutrients go directly into your bloodstream, bypassing all your systems and organs and ensuring that more than 90% of the nutrients are in effect.

Although it must be noted that these benefits’ efficiency will depend on your overall health, the number of doses, strength of the nutrients, and of course, which nutrients you are taking. Let us now see a few benefits:

  • It helps in enhancing your mood
  • It gives you improved energy
  • It also helps in improving your concentration levels and your focus levels.
  • It can also help in balancing your blood sugar levels
  • It can also help in improving your hangover
  • It can also help you to relax better

These are some of the many benefits an IV therapy Los Angeles can provide you with. But remember, all these benefits arise out of different IV therapies.

To Sum It Up

IV drip therapy Los Angeles is gaining a lot of popularity because IV therapy is so successful in giving us exactly what we need without any side effects.

The best part about IV drip therapy Los Angeles is that you can feel the effect of whatever fluid you administered inside of you in seconds. That is because you are directly putting the fluid into your bloodstream.

Also, do not forget that since you are now putting it in your bloodstream, more than 90% of it will be absorbed by your body, which means the efficiency is also going to be very high.

So if you are thinking of getting IV therapy, there is no harm in getting one; rather, it is better than consuming anything orally.

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