How to Write & Send Perfect Cold Emails That Don’t Get Ignored

Your potential client, potential employer, potential investor, and even your potential sales deal is a cold email away. You’ve probably heard people say:

Cold emails are wasted efforts, they don’t work anymore.”

“Cold emailing implies spamming.”

“Nobody reads cold emails”

All of these are myths! In this post, email marketing experts in Atlanta will prove to you why they aren’t true and give tips on how to write & send perfect cold emails that don’t get ignored. But first, why do most unsuccessful cold emails get ignored?

Why are my cold emails getting no responses?

When surveyed, the main reasons people gave for deferred reading cold emails at work include:

  • Lack of time or effort needed to go through the email.
  • The identity of the sender/lack of proper introduction.
  • The receiver’s workload and context of the email.

Although these might seem insurmountable, email marketers use these facts to their advantage. Even if someone is busy, a highly relevant email sent at just the right time will pique their interest and potentially turn them into a lead.

How to write cold emails with higher response rates

Writing a cold email isn’t hard and dead either. You just have to know the tactics that make your recipient ‘tick’ so that they engage with your cold email. Here’s what SEO Guru Atlanta recommends for your cold email campaigns:

  1. Send the emails to the right target audience. When writing a cold email, it’s important you send your cold email to the right person. If you send your emails to the wrong target audience, nobody will bother reading it despite how well you wrote it. Ensure you do proper research of your email recipients and only compile an email list of those who’d be interested in the line of business you’re into.
  2. Be aware of the problems your prospects face (and prove how you can solve them). Another tip on how to write cold emails that convert is researching and writing down the problems your prospects face. Why? Because this will help you write subject lines that grab your prospects’ attention. They’ll think of their current problem and believe you have a solution to it by reading your subject line. Writing the subject line isn’t all. Ensure you also prove you can solve their problem by for instance giving highlights of other people or businesses you’ve previously helped with your solution.
  3. Ensure your subject line is catchy. Another tip when writing a cold email is to use catchy subject lines. Your subject line is the first thing your prospect will see before they read the rest of the email. So ensure it grabs attention and explains exactly what they should expect from the rest of the email.

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