8 Prominent Effects Of Malnutrition On Your Health

Nutritionists always draw our attention to the quality of food. Craving for junk food largely depends on our brain’s habits than on the habits of the body. Sometimes the flavors, which are generously supplied with all attractive harmfulness, are addictive.

But not to such an extent that it is impossible to get rid of it with a simple effort of will and understanding the danger of this food for one’s own health. Let’s see what happens to your body when you do not replenish it with nutritious foods.

1- Rapid Aging

In addition to environmental influences, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle, nutrition also affects the aging rate of your body. To prolong youth, it is worth abandoning or severely limiting the consumption of the following products:

  • Too salty food items
  • Foods with added sugar
  • Fast carbohydrates
  • Containing trans fats
  • Alcohol

If they are present in your diet every day, your body’s defenses will decrease, and toxins will accumulate in it. The most harmful product from the list above is alcohol. It will poison all systems; therefore, you need to abandon drinking alcohol. If you don’t, the organs will wear out much faster than you imagine. Moreover, swelling wrinkles, and fatigue will appear.

2- Indigestion

Everyone has had digestive problems at least once in their lives. This usually happens due to eating spoiled foods or overeating. Some people draw conclusions from such incidents and do not repeat such mistakes again. But others can continue to eat unhealthy foods, often in large quantities.

As a result, they increasingly begin to experience unpleasant symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract: constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, heaviness, nausea. All this can lead to chronic diseases of the digestive system and even obesity. Harmful food is often addictive, so a person consumes more and more of it. As a result, they start to gain extra weight.

3- Poor And Dull Skin

Our skin and face reflect the state of our health. If you don’t keep up with healthy food, sooner or later, your skin will lose the glow. The main stealers of skin’s health are alcohol and sugar foods. You should pay attention to what you are eating and at what time. Without keeping a check on these details, your whole body will suffer, which will become evident from your face.

Who does not want glowing skin? But you have to change your diet, add healthy and nutritious foods. Maintain an eating time-table and follow it without any prominent delays. Remember the quality of the skin and your health lies in your own hands.

4- Depression And Apathy

Thanks to many years of research, it turned out that an unhealthy diet increases anxiety, mental disorders, develop depression and apathy. This applies not only to adults but also to children. They experience the same symptoms that interfere with their full development.

Often it is the bad habits of the parents that get passed on to children by inheritance. In order not to experience such emotional states, experts recommend including in your diet foods rich in zinc, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B12.

5- High Risk Of Developing Diabetes

In recent decades, people began to consume sweets more often. Sugar is now present in all products. Any store-bought sauce, snack, the semi-finished product contains sugar. In addition, the consumption of white flour and other refined products increased.

Such nutrition contributes to constant surges in blood glucose. This leads to the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. To prevent this, you should pay attention to:

  • Reduction of foods from your diet with a high glycemic index
  • Moderate consumption of fatty animal foods
  • Fractional meals in small portions
  • Compliance with the drinking regime
  • Inclusion in your menu of products containing vitamins C and group B vitamins.
  • Maintaining a normal weight without allowing a BMI reading above 30.

6- Problems With Heart

Consuming foods high in cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease. If you eat in this way constantly, then sooner or later cholesterol plaques will begin to form on the walls of blood vessels. This can lead to the development of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

With high risks of heart disease, it is worth dramatically limiting:

  • Fatty meat dishes
  • Refined products
  • Fast food

You need to add more greens, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to the diet to ensure a healthy heart. If a problem occurs in the heart, the whole body has to suffer. Moreover, with time little problems grow into chronic diseases.

7- Senile Dementia

Brain health is highly dependent on your diet. So, as a result of studies, there is a link between excessive consumption of high-calorie unhealthy foods and Alzheimer’s disease. The fact is that type 2 diabetes, which develops from simple carbohydrates often leads to senile dementia.

A sedentary lifestyle and excess weight, which appear from overeating, also lead to brain disease. Therefore, the abuse of unhealthy food can provoke the appearance of a whole bunch of diseases. These are warning signs you should pay attention to in order to and get help from a doctor as soon as possible.

8- Thyroid Disorders

If the thyroid gland malfunctions, the cardiovascular and digestive systems may suffer. The metabolic processes of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates also get disrupted.

Not everyone thinks that the state of this gland also changes depending on the choice of food. The greatest harm to the thyroid gland gets from:

  • Alcohol
  •  Bakery products
  • Excess starch
  • Fatty meat products
  • Soda
  • Fish with a high content of mercury


In order not to age ahead of time and not to get “age-related” diseases, reconsider your diet. Pay attention to the quality of the products. Buy only fresh, natural, and healthy products. Feel free to send fast food, convenience foods, and shop sweets to the trash can. They belong there, not in your stomach.

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