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How to Unleash Video Marketing to Boost Your Startup?

Startups often struggle to get their name out and attract prospects to their brand.

Plus, advertising is costly. Most startups don’t have hefty budgets to get their name out.

In that case, they can always opt for well-thought video marketing. Video marketing serves invaluable benefits in terms of cost-saving. Startups often find it reasonable to partner with a 3D production company.

More importantly, they’re able to yield astounding ROI. Plus, the video also serves as a personal yet effective way of communication, allowing content creators to have a lasting impression on their audience.

Plus, you can always have a long-term orientation with video marketing. You have a chance to tell compelling stories in an engaging and fascinating way.

Consistently delivering video content also paves way for more transparent communication. As a result, you can build trust in your brand name. Over time that trust will turn into brand loyalty.

What’s even more exciting, is the fact that video has enormous growth potential. Experts say that almost 80% of all minutes spent on the internet account for watching videos.

So, there is so much room to scale your video content and tap more and more prospects.

Let’s dive into how you can unleash video marketing to grow your startup.

Why invest in video marketing as a startup?

According to Somato, an advertising platform, the average CTR of videos is 7.5x more than display banners. So, video form of content is no doubt the best form when it comes to engaging audiences.

Now before we dive into the how of video marketing, let us first list some primary goals which startups have for video production.

  • Engage the audience
  • Educate and empathize with your audience
  • Reveal your solution and convince the buyers or prospects that it’s the best
  • Engage these prospects and convert them into profitable customers

What content should you focus on?

Now that you know why you should invest in video marketing to boost your startup, let us dive into what kind of content is ideal.

Brand stories

The first kind of videos you can use to your advantage is brand stories. Being a startup, your objective is to get your message across in the most powerful fashion.

While you may not have the best skills to shoot videos, you can always hire a freelance resource for an affordable price. But, what do you gain from it?

Quality. You can have experts curate videos that are more personal. And, why not do it?

There are lots of studios offering quality video services. So, startup video production cost is quite reasonable.

Besides, you as a startup must focus more on creating content that allows your audience to resonate with the message on a deeper level.

Brand stories tell your audience what you as a company stand to deliver. It helps the viewer identify it. Brand stories can be a really good idea to draw your audience emotionally.


Another great way to charge your viewers is to invest in presentation videos. The presentation can be valuable especially when you have to share how exactly your solution solves the problem of your customer.

A well-crafted presentation can also work wonders to charm your audience. It helps you build brand authority. As a result, you’ll have more leads reverting to you. People would want to do more business with you.

Video presentations or product demonstrations will help your audience to internalize the message with more ease.

User-generated content

What can be another great way to delight your audience is through user-generated content. Startups particularly in the fitness game have used this remarkably well.

Trainers invite satisfied customers to share their results. While your happy customer is delighted to be lauded for their part, you get the best form of testimonial in a form of a video.

User-generated content is powerful. It’s a testimonial that can build the trust of viewers in the least amount of time. Works perfectly for businesses operating in the startup arena.

It’s also not boring for the viewer. That also saves you from making the mistake of being too monotonous.

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Startups struggle at building relationships with their customers, particularly in the B2C arena.

Though it’s not easy, it does not have to be a prolonged struggle. A smart way to do that is to create how-to tutorials. You can curate informative content. That would allow you to draw your prospects more easily through your sales funnel.

People don’t like being sold. They love buying.

Remember that. You want to educate your audience first. Video tutorials would work well to do that.

When you educate your audience, you tell them you value their aspirations and want to see them overcome challenges and do well. That builds rapport. Again, video delivery allows you to build a more personal and deep contact.

Influencer Buzz

Last, but not least, you can focus on partnering with influencers. Influencer marketing has immense potential for conversions. While you may be a startup, it does not mean that you’ll need five years to make a mark and get your name out.

There’s a smart alternate. You can interview influencers. While you would need some leg work in the Public Relations space, influencers endorsing your brand will help you attract prospects in no time.

Interview renowned personalities in your niche would also delight your audiences. While they can flock viewers to your social channels in no time, you will have the opportunity to gather data and tap these prospects.

That’s one remarkable way to use video marketing to your advantage. Get your resources around influencer buzz, interview them, have thoughtful discussions, and invite feedback from viewers.

Bottom line

To wrap up, video marketing has enormous potential for startups. It’s cost-effective and most importantly perfect for higher ROIs. You no longer need to pour stashes of cash into advertising.

You can work your way around brand building with a video marketing strategy in place. There’s no better way to do it if you’re a startup. So, shoot videos and focus on building more personal contact with your viewers. Do it right from the start.

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