5 Ways to Avoid Delays with Credential Evaluation

Most international students and job hopefuls searching for employment in the US make costly mistakes during the educational credential evaluation in USA, which in turn, cause delays. Here are the top five ways that can help you avoid this scenario.

Top 5 Ways to Speed up Credential Evaluation

Here are some of the top ways you can streamline the evaluation process:

1. Review Documents and Determine Evaluations

You must send all educational documents to the best credential evaluation services USA before being evaluated. The process can differ by the applicant’s home country, country of education, and other details.

You can delay your report if there are mistakes in those documents. The service can only provide a report if they have all the required documents, so double-check to see if you missed any.

You can opt for two types of evaluations:


The course-by-course evaluation showcases overall academic performance as per US educational requirements. You must provide certified copies or originals of your school transcripts (aka mark sheets), which show subjects, their grades, and credit hours per subject.


The document-by-document evaluation details the educational institutions you attended along with your credentials. It also states their US equivalence. Choose this evaluation if you apply for immigration, employment, and university admissions. You must provide certified copies or originals of all academic documents, certificates, and diplomas with their English translations.

Professional Work Experience

This type of evaluation is used to depict professional work experience for immigration purposes. Choose this option when you are applying for an H-1B visa. It will examine your whole work history and academic achievements. For this evaluation, you need to provide certified or original copies of your academic documents, employment details and the tasks you were responsible for, the tools and skills you used, your employers’ names, and their locations. Remember that professional work experience evaluations cannot be used for licensing or educational purposes.

2. Start the Evaluation Process Quickly

The worst thing you can do is apply for an evaluation when admission deadlines are near. If your university fails to send your documents on time, you can face serious and costly delays. Prevent that from happening by researching the documents you need beforehand and sending in your requests. Do this as soon as possible. If your university sends them through the mail, you can face delays, which can cost you admission. Ask them to send them digitally.

Plus, make sure you choose the correct evaluation type. If you think more than one applies to you, check with the evaluation service to be safe. You can also reach out to the recipient to confirm which type you should go for. Choose the wrong one, and you may have to start the process all over again.

3. Stick to the Point

You don’t need to provide ALL of your educational documents – stick to the ones the US college or university is asking for or as per job requirements. If you are applying for a specialized course, add a document that outlines your achievements in that field and also mention research publications. This way, the examiner will know you qualify for specific evaluations and won’t delay the process.

Plus, make sure you have all of your original documents. You may have to send copies of these and other relevant documents to ensure quick and accurate transcripts. Keep checking your account to determine which admission requirements have been fulfilled and which are pending so you can remain on track.

4. Keep Your Reference Number

Once your application is complete, you will receive a reference number unique to your case or file. It will also be printed on the envelope. You also need the reference number to contact the service if you have a query.

It will be associated with your file and help them determine your identity. This way, they can pull up your application immediately and provide specific answers regarding your documents and status. You will streamline the process if you have this number and avoid delays after you log into your account.

5. Choose Professional Evaluators

The best answer to ‘how can I speed up my credential evaluation‘ is to choose credible and professional evaluators. These services provide evaluations for admissions, professional license applications, US employment, military enlistments, and other purposes. This means they have the experienced staff and resources to do a thorough and accurate job.

A credential evaluation is essential for anyone who wants to study or work in the United States. Do as much research as possible beforehand so you can avoid delays. If done right, you can access several opportunities for a bright future.

Ensuring the evaluation service you choose is authentic should be a priority. Several fraudulent services posing as authentic evaluators can cause immeasurable delays when it is too late for you to do anything about it.

I hope this helps! If there’s anything else we can help you find in this category please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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