How to Support a Loved One in a Rehab Center

If your loved one is in a rehab center, then it’s important to be as supportive as possible.

If you’ve ever been there yourself or seen a loved one go through rehab, then you know that rehab centers are not easy places to be. From the outside, rehab seems like an awful experience, and it can be hard for those who don’t understand what someone going through rehab might need from them.

But there are some things that we all can do to support those who are trying to detox and recover from an addiction problem. And that’s even if they didn’t ask for our help or didn’t want us around at first.

These tips will work whether your friend is attending outpatient rehab or living at a residential center:

Educate Yourself

When we don’t understand something, then it seems scary and hard to deal with. And rehab is no different. There is a lot of fear surrounding rehab centers because they’re often associated with addicts losing control or failing in their sobriety at some point during treatment.

But rehab isn’t as intimidating when you’ve done your research on the process, what happens there every day, and how someone goes about recovering from addiction.

The more educated you are about rehab centers, the better equipped you’ll be to help them.

And you don’t need addiction counseling certification to become better informed about rehab centers either. You can read stories of people who’ve gone through treatment, learn more about addiction and what it does to the brain, or talk with your doctor for advice on how best to support someone in their recovery process.

Know Their Treatment Plan

Typically addiction treatment plans are custom-made for each individual in rehab.

But there is usually a general process that everyone goes through, and knowing about this can help you be more supportive. In most cases, things like counseling sessions, addiction education classes, and group therapy take place during the first part of addiction recovery.

Being aware of what will happen while your loved one is away can put your mind at ease. It gives you an idea of when they’ll see their doctor or therapist next, so you know how best to support them until then. Plus, knowing allows you to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense to you along the way.

Be an Active Listener

There is nothing worse than someone talking at you instead of to you. So if your loved one wants to talk, then listen.

Don’t just wait for it to be your turn or start talking about something else as soon as they stop. Instead, let them tell you what’s going on and how addiction has affected their life so far.

Then ask questions that show you care. Ask things like: “how does this make you feel?”, “are there any parts of addiction recovery that are particularly hard for you?” or even “what is the hardest part of being in rehab right now?”.

By showing an interest and actively listening, you can help your loved one feel less alone.

Find the Best Rehab Center for Treating Addiction

Addiction treatment is hard. This means that if your loved one needs you to be there for them, then they do.

Follow these tips whenever possible and support them in their recovery process as much as you can. But most importantly, ensure you send them to the best rehab center to help them recover from addiction.

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