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How to Select Outdoor Lighting: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Planning and designing outdoor lighting setup is easier than you might think.

When you’re planning outdoor lighting, traditional ideas come to mind. You might lean toward pathways, garden lighting, and landscape lighting. You might even want to add some decorative lighting to the deck or do something else to make the place special.

Perhaps, you think about what to do with the driveway, walkways, and pathways, but you might stumble when you get to outdoor lighting.

The tips below can help you plan and select outdoor lighting scheme. Read on and consider what you want to do and what kind of lighting you want to use.

Understand Your Lighting Needs

You should consider factors such as how often the space will be used, how much light is needed, and the desired ambiance of the area. Consider what activities will be taking place in the space, the type and level of illumination, and the hours of use.

Assess the size and layout of the area to determine just how much illumination will be needed, how far apart the fixtures should be, and if any additional fixtures should be added. When making a decision, pay attention to factors such as placement, materials, and style to ensure optimal satisfaction with the final look. Click here and give your exterior lighting needs and start bringing your vision to life today.

Evaluate Different Options

The types of outdoor lighting available should be carefully considered, as this will dictate the degree of energy efficiency and coverage it provides. Additionally, the color index rating, or CRI, should also be carefully reviewed to ensure the light is bright and vibrant. Furthermore, homeowners should consider the cost of the lights, their life expectancy, and the level of maintenance they require.

They should also pay attention to the quality of the construction and whether the product is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Finally, it is also important to check the manufacturer’s warranty to see what coverage is included.

Wiring and Installation

Homeowners must first consider the layout of their space and what type of fixtures they would like to have installed. Wiring must be done in a safe and effective manner; this includes determining which type of wiring should be used, the number of wires needed, and the installation of protective covers.

Additionally, homeowners should inspect the connections and circuits to ensure a proper electrical installation that can handle any load. Safety is paramount in any outdoor lighting project; proper grounding and bonding of newly installed equipment are essential.

Safety Precautions to Consider

Uncover the electrical wiring and components to ensure that the lighting system is properly sealed against the environment. All electrical connectors should be allowed to cool before handling and stored in a dry location. Additionally, all outdoor lighting should be UL rated, meaning that the materials are extremely durable and tested.

Additionally, since outdoor lighting brings strangers to your doorstep, all lighting should be sufficiently bright enough to deter intruders and provide a safe environment for entering and departing your home.

Selecting Outdoor Lighting That Suits Your Home

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are a variety of options to suit your budget and style. To select outdoor lighting for your home, consider all aspects of your property, the purpose of the lighting, and the environmental context. Make the most of your property’s exterior and take action to find your perfect outdoor lighting today!

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