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5 Top Trends in Home Interior Lighting Design

Lighting is an integral part of interior design, yet it is usually overlooked. Many do not pay a lot of attention to proper lights placement on their homes, thinking it’s only a waste of money and time.

Downplaying the importance of proper interior lighting can be your biggest mistake. If you want to create a comfortable, functional home for your family and add value to your property, it is time to invest in a well-designed lighting system.

Here are the 5 top trends in home interior lighting design you should know about:


Pendant lights

This modern light fixture has been widely used in homes and businesses nowadays. That is because it can easily transform interiors into elegant spaces day or night. Pendant lights are also easy to customize and install. In most homes, these lights are usually used in kitchens and study areas as they are very suitable for task illumination.



Using chandeliers will let you achieve that rich, elegant look you desire in your home. They serve as a perfect centerpiece in any room, even with the lights off. You don’t need to drill holes and take up wall space when installing a chandelier. You simply hang it from the ceiling and watch it beautifully transform your interior.


Arched floor lamps

You’ll never want your living space without this statement light. Arched floor lamps are highly recommended to use for achieving that warm, modern living room vibe. They provide ample but diffused ambient light, perfect for almost any room in your house.


Sculptural lights

For adding personality and style to your home interior, you can never go wrong with sculptural lights. They provide both functional and decorative lighting and can instantly transform any space. Using sculptural lights is not recommended for small room spaces.


Wall sconces

There are many benefits to using sconce lighting, including energy efficiency and wide selection. Wall sconces add a timeless look to any room in your home. They can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms, where there isn’t much space for a floor lamp.

Hire a licensed and skilled electrician

To get the most benefits from a new light installation, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a professional electrician. Partnering with a fully licensed and insured electrical company will guarantee you fast and efficient results. Book a service appointment with your trusted local pros now!

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