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Shop Like You Mean It: How to Purchase the Perfect Quality Bed This 2021

Food, shelter, oxygen, and sleep are just some things that a human needs to survive in this world. This notion is supported by an American psychologist named Abraham H. Maslow. He theorized that a person must continuously meet their physiological needs to move on to other needs (e.g., safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization).

Indeed, having a good night’s sleep gives you the energy to face another day in good condition. Thus, every homeowner should ensure that the factors that can contribute to quality sleep are met. One of the known factors that can affect sleep is your mattress. For example, if you’re sensitive to noise, an innerspring bed can be the wrong fit. If you’re a stomach sleeper, then memory foam can make you feel suffocated.

So, it would be best if you purchased a bed with utmost care and attention; this is, so you end up with a mattress that you’re comfortable sleeping in. Look no further because this page discusses the steps to end up with a quality bed and the tips you can use when surfing the different mattress markets.

5 Steps to Purchase a Good-quality Bed

Step 1: Do you need a new mattress?

There’s no doubt that a mattress is a significant and essential investment. Consequently, it’s hard for most to purchase a bed every few years.

On average, mattresses will show signs of aging after seven to eight years. If your current bed is starting to sag and emit noise, then it may be time to throw it out. Also, old mattresses tend to accumulate dust mites, which can cause some of the allergies you’ve been getting.

Indeed, this will depend on the type, quality of the mattress, and if you took proper precautions to take care of your investment. To get a quick view of the average lifespan of every mattress type, read below:

  • Air bed – 8 years
  • Latex – 10 years and more
  • Hybrid – 10 years
  • Memory foam – 9 years
  • Innerspring, waterbed, pillowtop – 7 years

Step 2: Do your research.

The reality of mattress shopping is that you’ll have numerous options, stores, materials, etc., to choose from; thus, being informed will help you significantly. Multiple articles talk about mattresses on the Internet; you have to search Google and search for what you want to know.

Step 3: Set a budget.

You can acquire some of the best mattresses on the market for reasonable prices. You have to do step 2 and research the costs of the beds you’re eyeing. You may even shop on the Internet to get an attractive price. Setting a budget will ensure that you still have money to food your family and pay rent.

Step 4: Think of what sleeping position you usually use.

The sleeping position you sleep in is a significant factor to consider when mattress shopping. For example, a side sleeper would appreciate a memory foam bed since it can cradle one’s body shape. Although, an innerspring bed may not have the proper support that its sleeping position requires.

Step 5: What mattress type and material do you prefer?

Do you want a mattress with a bounce effect? Then an innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattress may be the one for you. Although, if you want a soft foamy bed, memory foam, adjustable, and latex foam are calling your name!

5 Tips to Remember

1. Ask your family.

Your family may have the same mattress preferences as you do. Plus, the family members you ask may live near you and so have a great store or mattress recommendations they can give you.

2. Read reviews on the Internet.

Suppose you’ve already found a bed that’s perfect for your preferences. Then, the next task is to read reviews made by real-life customers about their experience with the company, mattress, and customer service.

Read a mix of good, neutral, and bad reviews by customers. By doing so, you can broaden your perspective and determine what things you can live with, but other people hate.

3. Be careful of gimmicks.

When visiting mattress stores, you may notice that retailers claim that you’ll experience the best sleep you’ll ever have in a particular bed. Although this may be true, it’s pretty unlikely due to how each person has unique preferences. There isn’t a one-size fits all mattress, so be wary of mattress marketing techniques to protect yourself from purchasing a bed you won’t end up liking.

4. Don’t forget to read the warranty.

If the mattress was delivered and there was damage, you wouldn’t want to end up with a broken bed. To ensure that you’ll get a good quality mattress, be sure to read the warranty so that you know your rights within the warranty.

5. Ensure that you protect your investment.

Many may not know this, but protecting your mattress is a must. You can do this by covering the bed with a waterproof protector and cleaning the bed every two to three months.

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Every mattress shopper will tell you how nerve-wracking shopping for a mattress can be. Indeed, this is factual; although, you can lessen the anxiety with bed shopping by being informed. As mentioned above, doing your research before purchasing something has significant contributions, especially with a big investment like mattresses.

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