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Save Money On Mattresses: Sure-Fire Tips To Shop A Quality Bed

The ultimate goal when shopping online is to ensure you’re getting a quality bed and saving money at the same time. Although buying can seem tedious for novice shoppers, it can be pretty easy if you have the right tips at your disposal. Likewise, shopping for a quality bed will ensure that you maintain adequate sleep every night – improving and strengthening your memory, according to a 2013 study.

With this, unlock the necessary tips by reading below (from mattress types, motion isolation, edge support, mattress size, temperature regulation, and mattress size). Indeed, mattress shopping will come in easy and budget-friendly – all through acquiring these essential tips and tricks!

Types Of Mattress

The first tip to acquire will be the mattress type, ranging from innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid. With these four major types, you will determine what each bed has in store and what fits best with your needs. Likewise, learning about the best mattresses will guarantee that you get optimum sleep through comfort and support. So, if you want to secure your sleep, the first thing to determine is your bed type.

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Innerspring beds are suitable for sleepers who want support. Since these beds are composed of a secure and firm coil system, getting these will ensure a neutral spine alignment that supports your back and shoulders. Additionally, innerspring mattresses also come in a wide variety of firmness levels – wherein you can easily choose between medium-soft, medium-firm, to firm beds.

Memory Foam

If you’re a sleeper who wants to have a comfortable and plush feel while sleeping, the memory foam will work best with you. With these beds, you earn a bed that contours your body, all the while helping ease pressure off sensitive areas like the shoulders and the hips. So, for side sleepers, the memory foam will best cater to your body position.

Latex Foam

Latex beds are similar to memory foam in terms of their contouring properties. However, what differentiates latex is its material. Since the latex is made from the natural sap of the rubber tree, it can be more breathable and allergen-free than memory foam. Likewise, the latex will be an excellent bed for sleepers who are leaning more into sustainable mattresses.


If you want to have both support and comfort, the best way to go is the hybrid. These beds are the perfect combination of the innerspring’s support system and the cushioning of the foam, giving you an ideal bed. For combo sleepers who change sleeping positions every night, hybrids prove to be a great compromise as it caters to the preferences of every posture – whether that be back, stomach, or side sleeping.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is necessary for sleepers who get disturbed easily at the slightest movement. For sleepers who sleep with their partners, children, or pets, beds that secure and isolate motion to one area are an answered prayer. If you have a partner that frequently tosses and turns every night, disrupting your quality sleep, getting beds that have motion isolation is most suitable.

Edge Support

Edge support entails the firmness of the bed around its edges. Although edge support is one quality that is most often overlooked, it can be a necessary quality for sleepers who most often sleep or sit on the edge of their bed. It could also prove beneficial for sleepers who work, read, or watch TV on their bed.

Not only this, as edge support also guarantees that you get an extra layer of security while you sleep. With this in mind, you feel that you won’t fall off the bed when you roll to the edge. So, if you experience this problem quite often, it’s better to get a mattress with edge support.

Temperature Regulation

If you wake up at night, it’s primarily due to unnecessary heat. To ease this situation, you’d find yourself kicking the blankets off or even cranking the air conditioner up – which could only be a temporary solution. What proves to be most helpful is to get a bed that regulates your temperature. With this, you’ll need to obtain a mattress that maintains a cool and fresh feel as you lay on it. You could even get a bed that includes a cooling layer on top to maximize your options.

Mattress Size

The last factor you’ll need to consider is the mattress size. Here, you’ll have to think about how many sleepers there are, how vast your bedroom space is, and how much your bed frame can cater. By determining the answers to each, you’re able to pinpoint your mattress’ size.

Doing so will also help you identify whether you’d have to buy a smaller bed or if you could opt for a larger bed. If you’re looking into different-sized mattresses from your old bed, you could even choose beds from brands that offer bed frames along with their mattresses. By doing so, you quickly narrow down your bed choices.


By following these tips, you quickly get insight on what to consider when buying quality beds. Likewise, doing so will save you from buying the wrong bed and return fees – as you’ve listed what you’ll need and what you’re looking for. So, if you’re eyeing sure beds, always consider type, motion isolation, edge support, temperature regulation, and size!

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