We all love to have a glossy white smile. Teeth whitening services are the dental processes most people ask each year to keep their glowing white smiles. As time passes, various elements, like coffee, wine, cigarettes, and certain medicines can stain our teeth. Aging is also one of the reasons for teeth staining. There are various choices available if you are on the lookout for sprucing up your smile. The following are some steps to consider if you want to keep your teeth dazzling white.


There are several effective ways to get white teeth. There is a step-by-step procedure you should take into your account to make your teeth whiter from dietary adjustments to professional teeth whitening services.

Learn why teeth get yellow

Our teeth are coated in enamel. It is an outer coating that protects our teeth from damage, bacteria, and severity. This coating is translucent and, however, does not cover our teeth from changing its color.

Many of the things you eat and drink can give you an unpleasant smile with discolored teeth. Our teeth merely take on the color of the beverages we drink, especially tea, coffee, or soda. In addition to this, several foods we eat, like curry, with bright and staining pigment, are also prone to make our teeth change to yellow or brown. Various food items can stain our teeth. However, it is good to monitor how vivid our meals are. Enamel staining is often rectified by regular brushing and getting professional dental services.

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Due to erosion, the enamel drops, and dentin underneath is uncovered. This layer of dental tissue, the dentin, has a yellow shade. If dentin is visible, the teeth appear yellowish or brownish. Dantin can also be besmirched, which is known as an intrinsic stain, which is difficult to rectify. Indeed, getting white teeth is possible even if the dentin is stained and discolored. The only step you need to take is to consult with a reputable dentist for precise teeth whitening in Waterloo.

Here are seven key measures to get white teeth.

1. Use the right toothpaste

Acids in the food we eat are apt to spoil enamel. Nevertheless, the fluoride present in your toothpaste should stop your teeth from getting yellow. It is, moreover, vital to use a toothpaste that is safe and effective. Any wrong product can do more damage to your teeth. A toothpaste that has activated charcoal within is the most used method for teeth whitening. People believe that activated charcoal attracts those damaging substances and rinses them away when you brush your teeth. But, activated charcoal only eliminates stains present around the outer coating of enamel. It doesn’t possess any teeth whitening effect on the spots underneath the enamel.

Keep in mind, toothpaste with activated charcoal might spoil your teeth. It can make them turn yellow since it is quite rough and damaging on enamel. Instead of removing stains and protecting the teeth, charcoal is likely to weaken your teeth’ outer coating, and if the coating is scratched off, the teeth are prone to get weaker.

The best is to buy a toothpaste that can clean your teeth, eliminating intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Fortunately, getting a toothpaste that fulfills your goal is not a tedious job. Product brands labeled as “whitening” can facilitate your dream.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

Toothpaste can be helpful only if you use it regularly. So, make it a habit. Follow the “two-times-two” technique, i.e., twice a day for two minutes. Proper brushing will remove plaque and germs and may further knock down the enamel.

Coming to the toothbrush, make sure it has soft bristles. It should not be hard. Soft brushes lower the possible chances of the gingival recession that can result in permanent damage. Also, soft bristles are tender on the teeth and help prevent enamel loss.

An electric toothbrush is also often recommended. The high-speed vibration of an electric brush is more effective at keeping teeth clean. It scrubs away the built-up plaque and germs. As past research says, circa two to three months of using an electric toothbrush on a two-times-two basis, an ample amount of plaque was decreased compared to manual toothbrushes.

3. Avoid food and beverage products that are sugary or acidic

Many people enjoy sweet treats. But, moderation is crucial for a healthy life. If you want to have good oral health with bright white teeth, limit or simple avoid sugary and acidic products. Some products can be damaging to your pursuit of bright glowing white teeth.

Sparkling drinks – The effects sparkling drinks may have on your teeth are crucially essential to learn. Researchers say the damage carbonated drinks can cause to your teeth is similar to cocaine or methamphetamine consumption. The sugar present in these drinks blends with bacteria present in your mouth and generates acid. However, the acid bombards your teeth and can damage the enamel layer, without which your dentil will expose, and your teeth will look yellow. Many people believe that diet soda is safe to consume. Not right! Diet soda is not secure, even if sugar-free. It is relatively harder for your teeth than regular products. Sugar-free soda has a higher level of citric and phosphoric acid, which can be riskier than sugar and bacteria.

Potato Chips – You might have experienced chips stuck in your teeth many times. It is often tough to get them out. However, the chips’ residue settles between the teeth for an extended period, perhaps the entire day. Potato chips, salty snacks, or other things with high starch content are not suitable for teeth. The starch content breaks down into sugars by the saliva, unites with the bacteria present in your mouth, and forms acid. The acid further decays the teeth. Potato chips are particularly hazardous. Some high in starch products are simply great to make up a massive portion of our diet. So make sure that you floss after eating such things. Flossing can disrupt the bacteria in teeth and lessens or prevent the production of enamel-eating acid.

Candies – Candies are equally bad for teeth. The gummy, sticky, and chewy candies are all unsafe. If you are pursuing an ideal dazzling smile, remember that the candies contain a massive amount of sugar that sticks onto your teeth. Again the sugar and bacteria present in your mouth create acid, and the stickiness of candies makes it stick to your teeth. If left unattended, the acid can destroy the enamel. However, you must clean your teeth and floss right away if you like eating sweets.

4. Use straw

If you don’t want to give up your favorite food and drinks, use a straw when drinking any glass. Straws restrict the total amount of acidic contact the spirit or juice might have. However, this makes it an exceptional choice to enjoy your most-loved tooth-staining products without discoloring the teeth.

5. Quit smoking

Tobacco is harmful to the human body, as we all know. However, it will restrict you from having glowing white teeth. Tobacco will spoil your teeth, and also stain them and prevent the whitening methods from being effective. Cigarette smoking will wear down your teeth quicker than any other product you eat or drink. The tiny particles present in cigarettes are too harsh to the teeth. However, the more you smoke, the faster your teeth break down. Smoking is likely to damage gums, and the smokers have higher probabilities of developing gum disease than other people who do not take tobacco. In addition to the gums, smoking also harms the immune system, making gum issues even harder with curing. Remember, gum issues are the most common causes of tooth loss in adults, so it is good to quit smoking if you want to protect your smile.

6. Go to a reputable dentist

Opting for professional teeth whitening service is the safest and the best way to whiten your teeth and enhance your oral hygiene.

Why Receive Professional Cleaning? – As you eat and drink and use your teeth daily, plaque builds up naturally. Regular brushing with a soft or electric toothbrush will remove most plaque gathered on your teeth, but it is obvious to miss some of it. Professional cleaning can spot those stains you couldn’t clean and safely clean them with more effective hygiene equipment.

Why opt for professional teeth whitening? – Professional teeth whitening services are, without a doubt, safer than trying out things at home. One cannot overlook the safety of professionally done teeth whitening processes. Teeth whitening products used at a dental office contain a higher percentage of peroxide than the whitening products you use at home. Higher peroxide can give you the perfect smile far quicker.

7. Last but not least, keep patience

Just like most things, seeing significant results will take some time. It is vital you don’t feel discouraged. If professional teeth whitening in Kitchener takes four weeks to show significant results, the home process will take even longer. For sure, the first attempt will not give you surprising outcomes. However, keeping patience is crucial.

Strictly follow your teeth whitening routine and the most appropriate precautions suggested by your dentist. Every person is different, and each person’s product may not give up the same results. Continue practicing good oral hygiene and incorporate great habits in your daily routine like eating a healthy diet, limit sugary beverages, say no to cigarettes, and use straws. Doing this, you will undoubtedly see significant results within a considerable time.

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