Doing Well on the SAT Essay

The SAT essay makes most students nervous. How can you impress raters through your essay? How do you write an essay that can maximize your SAT score? Does our SAT test preparation program include information about the SAT essay section? You can write FREE SAT practice tests to analyze your level. Here are some strategies for tackling the SAT essay.

Read the notice carefully

Unless you understand what to write, you are essentially reducing your time. A good way to understand the prompt is to circle key words and phrases before you start writing.

Decide on the thesis

The SAT essay allows you to agree or disagree with the topic on a certain guideline. Remember, you can write your essay either way. It has nothing to do with what is “true”. However, your essay should contain references and statements that support your point of view. Absolute statements should not be stated unless you have examples that demonstrate their relevance to the essay. The SAT essay does not judge you based on your general knowledge; tests your skills to substantiate what you choose and to write in a consistent style.

Checking your thesis

You should only start writing an essay after you have worked out the examples in your mind to support your thesis. You can’t afford to change your thesis in the middle of an essay. The best technique to tackle this problem is to brainstorm the right examples to write your essay.

Summarizing the thesis in the introduction

You have 25 minutes to write an essay. Therefore, it is important to make the most of those twenty-five minutes. You should try to write some sentences that can speak briefly about your thesis. You don’t have to yell to make your point; a subtle style would be more productive.

Test length

This is a debatable topic. Some teachers think it is better to write a short essay. Others support the idea of ​​writing long essays. Research on the easy SAT score suggests that long essays are preferred over short essays. This is applicable only when both have meaning to them. In other words, you should try to write a meaningful essay with 3-4 body paragraphs. For each paragraph, start with a statement, provide information to support your point, draw logical inferences to test our idea, and finally restate the point.


It is important to demonstrate your command of English when wiring an essay. Idioms should be used whenever necessary. For example, writing “A quiet tongue keeps the head wise” is better than using the words “Wise people don’t talk much.” However, you should refrain from using flowery language just to fill in the space.


An SAT essay will not impress the evaluator if you do not have a strong conclusion that reiterates your thesis and summarizes your points.

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