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How to Increase Your Efficiency

Everyone seeks to increase performance, but we often need more time, ability, and personal decisions. Becoming more efficient requires a conscious effort to move from average to excellent.

That’s why you must be intentional about time management and the tools you choose for work. A smart PDF editor can save you the stress of printing documents before making any changes. Let’s check out other ways to increase your efficiency.

Keep tasks clear and simple

Start by figuring out the tasks that need to be completed, and create a simple plan to achieve them. A simple strategy with clear-cut steps to achieve the desired outcomes will help you stay on top of those tasks and see them through.

Divide cumbersome tasks into smaller ones and focus on one task until it’s finished. To determine your productivity, you should also track how much time you spend on each.

Turn off notifications

During work hours, you can overcome distractions by turning off notifications. Maintaining focus will be difficult when you keep looking out for email popups, incoming text messages, and social media notifications.

One proactive tip to increase efficiency is to turn off your phone/internet. This strategy will help you concentrate all your energy on the work that needs to be done.

Don’t multitask

Then there’s the temptation to perform different tasks simultaneously to enhance efficiency, but multitasking doesn’t help. Psychologists have noted that multitasking can result in time wastage and lesser productivity.

So, always finish one task before you move on to the next one. If you must combine different jobs, ensure they’re similar. For instance, you can edit PDF documents, merge PDF files online free, and convert from one file format to another using a PDF editor offline.

Set realistic deadlines

Deadlines keep you on your toes and remind you how much work must be done within a specified timeline. Remote workers contend with more deadlines because it helps them stay focused and deliver optimal performance.

While deadlines can create anxiety and stress, they stretch you beyond your known capacity. You’ll discover how focused you can be when setting realistic work expectations.

Take regular breaks

Short breaks in between long work periods are another way to stay productive. Use reminder apps like Todoist to assign timelines to your tasks and break periods to keep yourself organized.

Working for long hours at a stretch without rest can be detrimental to efficiency. In fact, for every hour of work, you should have a 5-minute break to refresh before you continue.

Cut down on time-wasting activities

If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to point the finger at those activities that waste your time. Many workers spend several hours in unproductive meetings, calls, and instant messaging apps.

So, instead of complaining about how little time you have, cut down on frivolities that eat into productive time. Then you’ll realize that you have more time for tasks than you may need.

Use productivity apps

Technology must be included in the mix as you try to increase efficiency in this age. Productivity apps like PDF tools online or team collaboration software like Slack make the job easier and save you time for more efficient work.

A PDF converter and merger tool will let you manage documents and create a paperless office environment. The good thing about these apps is that you can easily collaborate with your colleagues remotely to make the job faster.

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Hold one-on-one meetings

When internal communications are necessary, you should schedule in-person or video calls. These one-on-one meetings go a long way to foster communication and inclusion in the workplace.

You can also maximize these moments to discuss company goals, achievements, and areas for improvement. Everyone involved can share their struggles, goals, and performance so far.

Be proactive, not reactive

You can invest in productivity by developing a proactive approach to responsibilities and life in general. This involves planning, evaluating your performance, and making changes where necessary.

Don’t let impromptu calls, meetings, and emergencies determine your day. Stick to your plan while you leave room for contingency.

Focus on focus

Maintaining laser focus is crucial to enhancing productivity in the workplace. You can set the tone for maintaining concentration by choosing your work hours, keeping your doors closed, or even working from home.

Focus also requires sacrificing some pleasure, like social media engagements, phone conversations, and replying to emails. You can also leverage free periods like commute time to catch up on unfinished tasks.

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Take advantage of collaboration tools

Digital collaboration is highly beneficial to stay consistently productive at work. Team members must find ways to work together to finish projects on time. The right collaboration tools, such as a PDF to text converter online, will let you convert files on the cloud and share them with others.

Team collaboration tools also help you offer and receive feedback from colleagues on work in progress. They are essential for delegating tasks, enabling honest communication, and improving all team members’ overall output.

Review your goals periodically

While you work towards efficiency, it’s important to set SMART goals and review them often. Check how far you’ve gone and what’s left to be achieved so you can measure your productivity level.

For instance, take weekly reports and monthly performance appraisals for yourself. Reviewing your goals will also help you discover gray areas where you need to perform better.


In a nutshell, office productivity begins with a resolve to do things differently and adopt the right strategies to meet your goals. More importantly, productivity requires you to cut down on something that eats away your focus and keeps you disorganized.

Use innovative collaboration tools like Slack to stay on top of your performance and keep an organized schedule with other teammates. Even a simple JPG to PDF software for converting images to PDF documents can save you time.

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