The Importance of Volunteer Management Practices + 4 Software Picks for Your Organization

Volunteer management is critical for all nonprofits that undertake volunteer programs and activities. It allows organizations to be strategic about how they proceed with each task and ensures they are responsible for their work.

Volunteer management is a driving factor for the success of a nonprofit. When taken up efficiently, it contributes significantly towards an organization’s goals. Nonprofits can oversee all essential tasks and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Here’s a look at why volunteer management is highly-important to consider.

The Importance of Volunteer Management

1. Better Time Management

Effective volunteer management allows organizations to organize their tasks efficiently and save time at all stages. Each activity taken up by nonprofit staff or volunteers is streamlined according to priority, deadline, duration, etc., to ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and within the dedicated time.
Organizations can make use of corporate volunteer management software to streamline all these activities. With volunteer management, organizations can allocate hours to different tasks more appropriately to ensure everything functions smoothly.

2. Saves High Expenses

Volunteer management helps organizations to understand their requirements and budget accordingly. It allows them to make flexible provisions for training, venues, facilities, and more while ensuring that the nonprofit does not overspend unnecessarily. Volunteer management gives nonprofits a chance to save on unnecessary overheads and save funds for future requirements.

3. Efficient Recruitment

Volunteer management allows organizations to tailor efficient recruitment practices to onboard the most suitable volunteers for different programs. It helps develop an effective strategy that nonprofits can use to establish their requirements and build a recruitment process that is quick and hassle-free. With this, organizations can focus on their exact requirements and onboard volunteers whose work aligns with nonprofit goals.

4. Provides for Training

Training is essential for all new volunteers as it equips them with the knowledge and practical skills needed to work in the nonprofit. Volunteer management helps organizations make provisions for different training methods and modules that will work efficiently for various training necessities. With this, organizations can ensure that all their volunteers have the knowledge and skill necessary for a successful volunteer event.

5. Facilitates Communication

Volunteer management enables organizations to develop efficient communication channels that will help build meaningful relationships and grow team culture. With clear communication, volunteers can perform consistently, leading to high-quality results for all events. It helps reduce the risk of any misunderstandings that could lead to an interruption in work quality.

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Volunteer Management Tools for Nonprofits

Volunteer management applications facilitate nonprofits to organize their tasks and run every activity smoothly. Here’s a look at some of the best volunteer management solutions that organizations must consider.

1. Golden

It is a volunteer management application that allows nonprofits to set up task schedules, retain contact information, manage workflows, etc. This volunteer software is flexible to accommodate different nonprofit requirements and produce efficient results for organizational growth. Nonprofits can use this application to organize their workflow and achieve high-quality results for various volunteer activities.

2. Charityproud

The application is designed to assist organizations whose main focus is fundraising. Nonprofits can use this software to keep a record of previous fundraisers, sponsors, donations collected, volunteer participation, and other relevant details. It is a real-time software that allows organizations to keep themselves updated with any change as and when it happens.

3. Point

It is a cloud-supported application that allows nonprofit management to use and update information from any device or location. The software helps nonprofits to track recruitment, volunteer hours, leaves, notices, and more. With this application, organizations can conveniently streamline different activities and ensure high-quality performance that will lead to positive results.

4. EveryAction

It is a volunteer management application that helps track volunteer activities and fundraising events efficiently. The software allows organizations to manage fundraiser details, sponsors, volunteer shifts, participation, and more. It helps simplify admin tasks and ensures flexibility for management staff to look after other areas. It makes managing activities more convenient, thus leading to high-quality performances at all stages.


Volunteer management is crucial for all nonprofits that want to achieve their goals. It allows organizations to become more efficient with their practices and mindful of how they implement different tasks. Volunteer management is the backbone for hosting successful volunteer events, and management must consider the best ways to make this possible.

With the help of different volunteer management software, organizations can simplify their tasks and become more organized in how they perform their duties. These applications make it convenient for nonprofits to manage everything from recruitment to fundraising while staying true to the purpose of volunteer management at all stages.

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