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From Blank Canvas to Stunning Sanctuary: Designing Your Perfect Philadelphia Loft

There are a number of reasons why you may be moving to Philadelphia— or upgrading your current home. The birthplace of America has a vibrant cultural scene and ample job opportunities. Whether you’re a young professional, straight out of college, or a veteran worker looking for something new, Philly could be your next destination.

Known for its affordable cost of living and a strong sense of community, Philadelphia has over 100 distinct and diverse neighborhoods and just about every type of property you can imagine. Are you tired of living in a cramped apartment but don’t want the cost (or commitment) of an entire house? Then finding a loft in Philly could be the best decision you make this year.

Why Choose Condo Living?

Deciding to purchase a loft in Philadelphia isn’t just about the size. Living in a loft offers several perks! For one, you have fewer maintenance responsibilities than a house. Your association generally handles things like landscaping and snow removal. Lofts are also cheaper than standalone homes, both in purchase price and bills.

Compared to apartments, you have more control. You can rent or own a loft; if you rent, you may still have a few rules to live by. But if you own it, the place is yours.

And with a loft, you may be able to take advantage of convenient communal facilities like fitness centers, pools, and rooftop gardens. Lofts are also located in urban areas, so everything from the grocery store to your office may be close by. Each Loft community is different, so amenities and association fees will vary. But easy access to the rest of the city is always a plus.

Start by Getting Organized

Decorating a new Loft can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you haven’t been in charge of more than a dorm room or single-bedroom apartment before. Make a to-do list of anything that you must have— like kitchen supplies and fire extinguishers— as well as the types of rooms you are creating. Traditional lofts have a lot of wide, open spaces; some people like to compartmentalize areas to seem like individual rooms, while others go for a cohesive theme to blend areas together.

Consider your tastes and how you want to use the space. Do you need an office area or a place just to relax and wind down? Do you want to host a lot of guests, needing extra furniture and an easy way to move through the space? All of this comes into play in your design.

Make the Most of Your Space

Lofts have more space than most apartments, but they also have less space than most houses. They are also lacking in traditional storage spaces, so you may need to get creative. You can find a surprising amount of chic furniture items that double as additional storage, like tables with cabinets underneath or hollow ottomans that can hold extra blankets.

Another way to consider your space is when you are planning your lighting. Lighting can have an immense impact on the look and feel of a room! It can help make spaces feel larger or more cozy, warm and welcoming or bright and cheery. Lofts often have large windows to let in natural light, so consider how to handle the windows when working on lighting. If you want a warm, cozy look, consider some semi-transparent curtains to help diffuse the light. If you want to make more use of natural lighting, have dimmers on your interior lights to save on power and transition as the sun moves.

You can search sites like Pinterest and Instagram for a wealth of ideas on how to decorate and organize your space. You can also check out design blogs and magazines or just go thrifting and browse the shelves. Once you have a few ideas to get started, the rest is a breeze!

Be Wholly and Truly ‘You’ In your Decor

Your loft is your home to decorate as you please. You don’t have to follow every bit of decorating advice you find in the wild! You want to be sure that you are wholly and truly comfortable in your own space, so decorate around things you love.

Are you a bookworm at heart? Find your dream bookshelf and use that as a focus piece. Love Eagles? Put that throw blanket with their logo on your couch, and hang up those posters! Is orange your favorite color? Use it in your kitchen!

Don’t feel like you have to follow a theme just because it’s “in.” Fads come and go, and your home is meant to be your sanctuary. If you want to decorate for every holiday, go for it; if that sounds like too much hassle, pick a year-round look that’s more your speed! Even the sky isn’t the limit, you can follow a galaxy theme.

What’s important is that you are happy and can relax when you’re at home.

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