Foods You Should Avoid To Prevent Teeth Damage

What you eat affects your teeth’s health. Any food will damage your teeth if you don’t take care of them. But some are more damaging regardless. It is because of their texture and their ingredients. You should beware of the foods you need to avoid or take in moderation to take care of your teeth.

Smile Solutions Dentistry singles out these foods as damaging to your teeth. Let’s take a look.

Foods to avoid to prevent teeth damage

  • Candies- Candies are a problem because of different reasons. They have lots of added sugar, some are sour, hard, chewy, or sticky. Hard candies can break your teeth. Chewy and sticky ones leave many particles in your teeth making them hard to clean.
  • Popcorn- Popcorn is another example of hard food. Its soft parts also stick in your teeth. So, it can be a risk to your teeth, if you don’t floss or brush well. Chewing popcorn can lead to your teeth cracking.
  • Ice- Chewing or sucking on ice is bad for your teeth. It doesn’t have any additives or water, but it destroys your enamel and increases sensitivity. It’s advisable to take water in liquid, rather than ice.
  • Acidic foods- Acidic foods corrode your tooth’s enamel. With time, it weakens your teeth. It makes you vulnerable to dental conditions like tooth decay and cavities. Also, it discolors your teeth. A weak enamel makes your inner tooth vulnerable.
  • Refined carbs- Refined carbs are simple carbohydrates. They are foods like french fries, chips, crackers, or white bread. When refined carbs break down, it makes sugar. It mixes with bacteria in the mouth which generates lactic acid that erodes your teeth.
  • Tea and coffee- Tea and coffee are some of the healthiest beverages. But, in most scenarios, we add sugar. Sugar is bad for your teeth because it supports bacteria to thrive. Tea and coffee will also stain your teeth. So, you need to brush your teeth after having such beverages.
  • Bread- Bread is a common snack for many people. For example, it’s in foods such as sandwiches, burgers, or hotdogs. Because it’s a carbohydrate, it breaks down in your mouth into sugar, when it comes in contact with saliva. It’s best to avoid bread or take precautions to clean your teeth when you eat the food.
  • Dried fruits- Dried fruits are healthy foods. But it packs a lot of sugar. Because it’s dry, the sugar concentration is high. It’s also chewy which makes it stick between your teeth. As more sugar gets in touch with your teeth, the more damage it causes.
  • Sticky foods- Sticky foods are inappropriate because they leave behind particles on your teeth. Examples of sticky foods are candies, bread, or rice. It’s worse if they are refined carbs or have added sugars. Ensure that you rinse your mouth, floss, and brush after eating sticky foods.
  • Pickles- Pickled foods are acidic because one of the ingredients is vinegar. It results in tooth enamel erosion and staining. Also, most pickles have sugar. It promotes the development of bacteria in your teeth, and if you aren’t cautious it’ll lead to damage.
  • Soft drinks- Soft drinks are acidic. It puts you at risk of dental erosion and tooth cavities. Try your best to avoid soft and sports drinks. If you need a drink, take water or unsweetened tea. When you take soft drinks, brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

Final thoughts

Sugary, sticky, and hard foods are inappropriate for your teeth. Hard foods can break or crack your teeth. Sticky and sugary foods promote the development of bacteria in your teeth. Acidic foods also corrode your tooth enamel and cause you more damage. Avoid the foods listed in this guide to take care of your teeth. We recommend that you should be cautious by brushing and flossing your teeth, at least twice daily.

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