Dominica Welcomes Tourism And Provides Second Passport For Investors

The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island nation situated in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is 47 km long and 26km wide. The national flag of the country is the only flag worldwide that features a parrot on it. The chief capital port of Dominica is Roseau. Nature lovers from all over the world around the year visit Dominica for its breathtaking natural views, and incomparable mountainous topography. This beautiful island country is purely a hub of peace and serenity. Just like any other country, the Commonwealth of Dominica too announced a complete lockdown as precautionary measures as soon as the Covid-19 cases spiked up.

Even though the country reported only 22 cases of Covid-19 patients with zero deaths yet a total lockdown was initiated. The country closed its borders in entirety for disallowing the entrance of the residents from other countries into its territories.

The borders of the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship By Investment are fully reopened since 7th August 2020 for encouraging its tourism and hospitality sector. The governing authority of the country has been wise enough in reopening its territories phase by phase instead of reopening its borders fully all at once. The first phase enabled the citizens of Dominica who got stuck in other countries due to sudden lockdown to return home from mid-July onwards while the second phase enabled the travelers to visit the country for tourism purposes since 7th August.

New Entry Norms And Requirements

The tourists are required to adhere to Dominica’s updated norms and requirements for ensuring that the country remains unaffected from the ongoing Covid-19 wave. All the travelers are required to cover their faces with masks, keep their hands sanitized, and maintain social distancing for maintaining necessary hygiene requirements.

It is mandatory for the tourists to upload their recent health certificates on a dedicated portal prior to 24 hours of their arrival. Within a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 72 hours of arrival in the country, the tourists shall be required to conduct a Covid-19 test for themselves and procure a negative PCR test report as a matter of precautionary measures.

The employees serving in the tourism and hospitality sector are responsible for following the guidelines and ensuring that every single visitor undergoes a temperature check, oxygen check, and a quick test screening. They should also ensure that the tourists are wearing a face mask and getting their hands sanitized as soon as they arrive in the country.

What If A Tourist Tests Positive For Covid-19?

Tourists who are detected positive or show symptoms of Covid-19 shall be asked to take a PCR test. Also, visitors suffering from Covid-19 shall be mandatorily quarantined at a hotel or a government facility for a period of fourteen days. The quarantine expenditure shall be incurred by the tourists themselves and not the government of the Commonwealth of Dominic. The country totally prioritizes the health and wellness of its citizens and visitors and therefore, is subjected to modify its guidelines as and whenever required.

Dominica Provides Second Passport For Investors

Recently, Dominica received the privilege of accessing the Schengen States totally visa-free. This is also why the Dominican passport strongly ranks at the number forty-one in the world. Dominica passport is regarded as the second most economical passport as it allows the tourists to visit the UK and the EU without the need for a visa. This passport is perfect for the tourists who want to obtain a second passport and dual or alternate citizenship without moving away or renouncing their current nationality.

Investors who are looking to obtain a second passport can apply and get their passport delivered within a period of 2 to 4 months. Investors from across the world can easily apply for a Dominica passport and travel visa-free anytime to 122 nations including the UK, EU, Schengen States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Benefits Of Dominica Passport

There are countless benefits of obtaining a Dominica Passport. A few of them are enlisted below:

  • Dual nationality
  • Earn Dominican citizenship instantly in 4 months
  • Second citizenship remains irrevocable
  • Investors are free to reside or not reside in the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • The nationality of an investor holds no significance
  • Travel freely to 122 nations
  • Investors can easily obtain visas if they already have a second passport
  • Investors will not be required to pay personal income tax
  • Investors can even trade duty-free in the Eastern Caribbean Sea
  • If the investors hold a second passport then they can easily apply and obtain the same for their spouse and off-springs who are below 28 years of age
  • Dependent parents aged 55 years can also apply for a second passport
  • Investors can make their investment after their application gets approved
  • Obtaining a Dominican second passport will also provide insurance cover to the investors and their family members against unforeseen circumstances.

Apply for Dominica Citizenship and Passport now and avail the benefit of traveling to your dream destinations visa and hassle-free.

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