The Different Liable Parties You Can Sue for a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents are more severe than those involving four-wheelers due to the slim chance of being protected while driving. Unfortunately, even after taking essential precautions while driving a motorcycle, sometimes a person can be a victim of such accidents.

However, if you get injured and have fallen prey to such accidental cases, there is a chance to acquire compensation and cover the cost of your medical bills. If you know that someone else was responsible for your accident, you can sue them, and this is where having a motorcycle accident attorney on your side can be helpful, as they will make the right decision on your behalf.

According to a census from 2017, more than 5000 accidents occurred that were motorcycle-centric, resulting in around 90,000 victims who got injured. If you or a loved one find yourselves in such a situation, there will be much confusion regarding the liable parties you can sue for the case. Read on further to understand which parties can be sued in such situations.

Liable Parties You Can Sue for a Motorcycle Crash

During a motorcycle accident, there can be situations where another party is involved apart from the driver. In such cases, you can always discuss with your lawyer and take necessary actions to sue them for their actions and fault. However, always ensure that there is a negligent party before you proclaim the accusation against them.

Everyone who drives a motorcycle has to undertake and follow specific rules and regulations while driving. If these are not followed, and the party is involved in causing the accident, you can sue them. The following are some of the parties who can be held responsible:

Driver from Another Vehicle

The most common party who is responsible for causing an accident is always the driver who has been in another vehicle. However, the vehicle can be anything, but irrespective of whether the driver is the one who caused the accident, whether intentional or not, they can be held at fault for the situation.

In this case, you can immediately file a personal injury claim with their insurance company. If this went unsuccessful, you can later discuss it with your lawyer and sue the driver.

Manufacturer of the Vehicle

All manufacturers have specific responsibilities and protocols to follow before releasing their products to the world for consumers to use them.

However, sometimes this might not be thoroughly tested out. If the accident is due to a defect from any motorcycle parts, then the manufacturer can be sued for your injuries. If you suspect this, contact your lawyer, and they will investigate the issue for you.

Company or Dealership

Apart from the vehicle manufacturer, you can also sue the dealership or the agency through which you bought the motorcycle. If you think that they sold you the vehicle even after knowing about certain defects in the vehicle, then they can be held at fault.

The Government

People are usually unaware of this, but you can sue the state or local government if you are injured due to the poor condition of the roads. These could include missing emergency signage, uneven and crumbling roads, or large potholes or maintenance holes.

Out of all the liable parties on whom you can sue, this option might be the hardest. However, it is not impossible, so take assistance from your motorcycle accident lawyer for proper legal action.


With the increase in road accidents, especially those involving motorcycles, it is essential that you know the basics of what can be done in such situations. It can be challenging to go along with taking legal action. However, with the help of an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents, you can get complete guidance and support throughout the whole process.

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