How Should You Develop Cross-Platform Applications?

What is the best way to develop apps for iOS and Android

Steps To Develop Apps For iOS and Android

Mobile app development is not an easy job. It requires intense knowledge and exhaustive research. In recent times, a number of mobile application development companies have come up to help you find the best way of developing apps for both, iOS and Android. A mobile app development company offers assistance in creating, designing, and marketing your app in a manner that helps you reach your target audience expediently.

Developing Apps for iOS / Android

Nevertheless, before you venture into the domain of app development, there are a few steps which you must adhere to. Following these will ensure that you are able to successfully undertake mobile app development. These steps include:

Why Build the App?

The first question you must ask yourself is why you want to build the app. What purpose does it solve? Is there a specific problem which can be resolved by the app? What tangible benefits would it provide to the customer? Would it reduce costs or enhance productivity? Who will be your target audience? Answering these questions will enable you to understand the exact needs for building the app.

Where Would You Host It?

Once you know the need, you must identify where the app should be hosted. Which devices or mobile platforms would the app work on? Would you want it to be exclusively available for either iOS or Android or would you rather prefer cross-platform development? Select the mobile platform you require based on battery life, hardware performance, and other peripherals. Find out if the device performance, coverage, and support is sufficient to host your app.

How Would You Design The App?

Like any professional mobile app developers would tell you, designing is the very core of app development. As a developer, you should fundamentally focus on the app’s user interface design. How would you enable it to perform on touch-enabled devices? What are the platform design standards which you must follow? Your design must be responsive, efficient, user-friendly, and easy to understand and use.

What Is Your Development Approach?

For mobile application development, selecting the right approach is highly important. This approach can either be native or hybrid. Usually, the native approach delivers the best user experience. However, it requires proper skill, time, and expertise to be developed. It is generally coded through JavaScript for Android and Objective-c or Swift for iOS. A hybrid approach, on the other hand, combines web coding with pre-built native containers. It allows API programming, thus augmenting access. You can choose either one depending upon your time and budget.

Is Your Prototype Ready?

A prototype is basically your ideas being put into action. Prepare an application with just a basic functionality. This would allow you to find out how it works in a practical situation and also help you sell your app to potential buyers. If it is a cross-platform app, the prototype can be developed with the help of tools like Corona, SENCHA, and Xamarin. Whichever tool you choose, make sure that you have taken adequate measures to secure your app against unauthorized use and access.

How Would You Undertake Analytics?

Seeking the aid of a mobile app development company to incorporate analytics will ensure that you get a detailed picture of the users who visit your app. This will help you provide your customers, a customized and seamless experience. Though you can also do this on your own via Google Analytics or Flurry, an app development company will prove infinitely better in this endeavor. This is because it will provide you with opportunities for beta testing and bug elimination.

Is There A Way To Capture Metrics?

Once your app has been released, it is wise to capture metrics and upgrade your app accordingly. For example, a funnel analysis will signify whether users are able to complete desired actions successfully. Similarly, demographics, location, and time can help you determine the context of user behavior. Capturing these user metrics will prove beneficial for your app in the long run.

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In the age of the internet, the mobile application market has begun to expand by leaps and bounds. This is why it is essential that your app for iOS and Android is able to provide service and stability, thus carving a regular niche for itself.

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