Debunking the Most Common Perfume Myths That Exist Today

Fragrance has a long history that has seen many changes. People have been using perfume to display wealth, communicate with the gods, seduce, or simply for pleasure for thousands of years.

But along with these changes came no end of beauty industry myths about different types of fragrances, how to store them, and where to spray them.

Want to separate fact from fiction? Keep reading to find out the truth behind some of the biggest perfume myths around!

You Should Rub Fragrance Into Your Pressure Points

Movies and even perfume ads haven’t helped to dispel this common myth, which has people believing that rubbing a fragrance into pressure points such as your wrists will “activate” it. In truth, the friction from rubbing disrupts the chemistry of the notes. This then breaks up the fragrance molecules and causes the scent to evaporate sooner.

Fragrances Smell the Same on Everyone

Ever noticed how a perfume smells different on a testing strip compared to how it smells on your skin? This is because each scent reacts in a different way when exposed to your natural scent. But it’s incorrect to think that a perfume will smell good on you because it does on your friend.

The same fragrance can smell so different on different people that you might not even recognize it as the same scent. It’s because of your skin’s specific pH levels and the way different ingredients on the scent wheel interact with it. So, make sure to test it on your own skin before you buy!


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It’s a Mistake to Buy Fragrance Online

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. While department stores were once the place the head for the best fragrance selection, these days, the only place to find many new and popular perfumes is online. What’s more, as this Carolina Herrera perfume selection shows, online fragrance retailers also offer unbeatable prices.

Expensive Perfumes Are Better Quality

Despite many people believing this myth, price is not a reflection of a perfume’s quality. Some high-end perfumes might include rarer or more expensive ingredients such as oud. But more often than not, you’re paying for the brand name.

Try testing fragrances with different price points against each other. You’ll soon see that affordable fragrances can be more well-balanced and long-lasting than pricier ones.

Perfumes Don’t Expire

There’s nothing wrong with having several fragrances on the go. But it’s a myth to think that hoarding bottles of perfumes for years won’t affect their scent or quality.

Although there’s no expiration date printed on the bottle, even the best perfumes only have a limited shelf life. Perfumes are sensitive to light, heat, and humidity so proper storage is key to preserving your perfumes. But over the years, perfumes will still start to lose their integrity and may end up smelling different.

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Debunking Common Perfume Myths

Did you believe any of these common perfume myths?

If so, now that you’ve learned the truth, it’ll be a lot easier for you to shop for new fragrances and make sure that you’re getting the most out of your chosen scents.

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