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Effective Closet Organization Ideas

Everything is easy to locate with a well-organized closet. All your favorite stuff, may it be your jeans, shoes, or anything, are readily accessible. Assembling your closet is a crucial factor in closet organization. Keeping on editing your closet will keep it fresh and full of the right pair of clothes that you want. However, a lot of things are involved when it comes to closet organization.

Best ideas to Organize a Closet

A clean and nicely kept closet is the best. It helps you easily locate the required stuff. It simplifies your daily routine and provides you the extra space to expand the wardrobe with new combinations of stuff. However, if you want to make full use of the extra space, find out the best small closet organization ideas.

How to Organize Your Closet

Everything is easily accessible if your closet is well-organized. The right way to organize a closet completely depends on the shape and size of the wardrobe as well as your lifestyle. However, there are some common applicable steps for far all closets.

  • Collect some closet organization supplies. A basket and measure tape should not be overlooked.
  • Get each stuff out of the closet.
  • Clean the entire closet space.
  • Declutter all unneeded stuff. Donate, recycle, or sell things you no more need.
  • Find out the best closet storage solutions that fit the space and go well with your shoes, clothing, and whatsoever stuff you have.
  • Rearrange your stuff into the closet.
  • Follow the steps periodically to keep the closet organized.

Small closet organization ideas

While organizing your closet, make sure that you are equipped with all the required tools and supplies before starting the process. Avoid working on the time after a long day of hectic work.

A little preparation beforehand will keep your closet maintained for the long haul. Choose the time to accomplish the process when you have at least two to three hours to commit. So what is the closet organization toolkit you may need?

  • Strong bags – to take your clothes to the dry cleaner or the donation center.
  • A measuring tape – to measure hanging space and shelves. Note down the measurements carefully for further help.
  • A mirror – to decide what clothes you want to keep and what not. A full-length mirror is the best option to have.
  • A basket – to put all small accessories like loose papers, rubber bands, hair clips, etc. aside.

Besides, figure out what you will do with the stuff you no more need; donate or trash? Donating is a good idea if the stuff is in a usable condition. Whereas, trash is the last option for things you cannot repair or fix.

Clean the closet

You need to have a clean and clear space before reorganizing the closet. First of all, clean the shelving and the hanging rods. Then mop the floor with the help of a vacuum machine or sweep. And now, take a good all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the shelving, walls, baseboards, and hanging rods. Make sure that the dust doesn’t spread everywhere in your room; it should be collected in a dust bin or basket.

Declutter all unneeded possessions

You might not feel good to declutter things; perhaps because you think you may someday need them or maybe they used to fit you perfectly or were in style those days. Focus more on the stuff you need to keep and not on those you haven’t used for long.

Closets have limited space. So, be wise while choosing the clothes and accessories you want to keep. Keep the things you still love to have and often use. Consign, sell, or donate the items that you no more need but are still in good usable shape. And trash anything that is unrepairable, ripped, or out of style. Also, things you feel embarrassed to donate should go in the trash.

Get closet organizers

Determining the right closet storage solutions for a specific space is quite difficult. However, when it comes to closet storage solutions Toronto there are tons of options. You can choose any suitable option and get the right budget-friendly closet organizers.

The best closet storage advice

Closet storage solutions may not give you excess space but the storage solutions, closet organizers, and closet systems can create enough space to locate all your valuable stuff in a way they are easily accessible to you.

  • A step stool – to make your hands reach the topmost shelves of your closet.
  • A double hang – to get the best advantage of a closet with horizontal storage space.
  • An over-the-door rack – to store shoes or other accessories.

No need to invest too many bucks buying an expensive closet system. Simply plan your closet as per its size and the assessment of what things you need. Invest only in the things you need to store your clothes. Baskets, small bookcases, and cubbies can be the best options to store small accessories, gym clothes, shoes, and handbags.

Organize your belongings

Now, this is the time to put everything back in the closet. It is good to organize things sensibly. Figure out the right space where you can store the entire category of your clothing. Everything should be easy to spot in your closet.

  • Group everything – Group all your sweaters, belts, work pants, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, jeans, etc. Find out the best spot to store them as a group. This will help you determine how much space you still have in the closet.
  • Use the space properly – The middle and the front portion of your closet should be for clothes you often wear. The back and upper shelves are the best areas to store lesser worn or seasonal clothes.
  • Cover the least used items – Store all your out-of-season items on the very top of the closet.

Also, make a separate space for accessories and shoes. The pair of shoes you often use should be in the front; don’t push them right in the back.

Keeping your closet well-organized

The more you work on maintaining your closet, the less time-consuming will be the process. Periodically, check your closet and if needed do a quick makeover. Prepare and follow a cleaning schedule; may it be by season, by some specific date, or by an event. Follow the schedule and the right small closet organization ideas. However, the next time you don’t get some most needed accessory or clothing, it is showing you the sign to reorganize the closet.

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