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5 Easy Methods to Remove Debris

The world of inert waste recycling is moving. Fortunately, in one direction often: finding a solution to manage them.

The management of inert waste is a priority requirement for operators, construction sites, quarries, and administrations. The difficulty of its management is also due to problems related to pollution, noise, and dust caused by its transformation. But also because of the type of machinery that will be used, at its maintenance cost, the difficulty of transportation.

The easiest solution has been patented by MB Crusher.

It is now possible to carry out the complete cycle of recycling inert waste on-site. The results are immediate: reduction of costs, transport, pollution and increased profitability of the work itself.

MB Crusher transforms any operating machine into an efficient and foolproof instrument for processing the material and recovering it in its entirety so that it can be reintroduced into the duty cycle or sold for other applications.

With MB products, therefore, the recycling of inert waste is transformed into living income. But not only.


Crushing and screening directly on-site allows the site to be autonomous and to eliminate disposal and transportation costs.

Even if they are large quarries. In Saudi Arabia, for example, a BF135.8 crushing bucket (applicable to excavators weighing more than 43 tons) and an MB-S18 screening bucket (suitable for excavators from 20 to 35 tons) worked with an inert material which was then reused in Riyadh metro works. Virtually the same company extracted the material, selected it, crushed it and reused it. All in total autonomy and with a considerable reduction in costs.


From waste, the material obtained with the MB Crusher solution becomes quality: so much so that it becomes an income. As they tell us from work in the USA. There was no problem with the armature of the material because the MB crusher was equipped with the electromagnet. The material obtained from the crushing was perfect to be reused directly on site.


Material “regenerated” with MB Crusher products can be immediately reused on-site for fillings, new construction, and other jobs. Or it can be put up for sale again on the market. Both solutions translate into certain and measurable profitability for the work.

It is precisely through the use of two MB products in combination – crushing spoon and sieve – that a Swiss company managed to obtain the complete cycle of recycling: volumetric reduction, cleaning of the material and reuse on the same site. Not only that, with MB products we reduce consumption, personnel costs, but machinery also wear costs and obtain impeccable recycling with highly competitive costs without interruption problems, something that we would not have been allowed with other solutions ”.


Fit, despite the years” also applies to MB products. It is an investment that pays in a very short time but also lasts a lifetime. In a quarry 30 kilometers from Ljubljana a BF120.4 crushing bucket crushes dolomite rock for more than 10 years: the Slovenian company claims with satisfaction that the only most substantial maintenance intervention was the replacement of the belts, a scrupulous and easy operation carried out by the operator on-site, without the need to contact specialized technicians or workshops.


Working with MB products is easy because it is done while the operator is sitting inside the excavator cab. The material is also collected and crushed or sieved directly in the truck or in the trench to be filled. If the material is composed, there is no problem: after crushing, the iron can be collected with the appropriate electromagnet installed on the crusher or the MB screen. Always sitting in the cabin.

Maintenance is also simple and fast: just a simple screwdriver is enough, without the need for specialized personnel or costly downtime for the entire job.

From a construction site in northern Europe, they tell us: “We bought the crushing spoon a few years ago and used it over time for collateral processing in housing notification works; Now, it works like this, the BF90.3 allows us to be able to crush demolished materials with great versatility it is not necessary, a special transport, it is enough to load the bucket in the same truck with which we transport the excavator. Once on-site, assembly is simple and fast and we can start working in a few minutes. 

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