Choosing the Best Car Amplifier for Your Vehicle

Are you confused about choosing the best car amplifier? In this blog, we explain to you which things you should keep in mind before choosing an amplifier for your vehicle.

How to Choose The Best Car Amplifier for Your Vehicle

Car amplifier are used to make your car’s audio sound system much better than before. So, the audio system of your vehicle becomes good by using an amplifier.

Nowadays, the big offer for your vehicles is fixed amps. Typically, these amplifiers are incorporated in the head unit. It means that these amplifiers are not fixed externally. But you may not know one fact about built-in amplifiers.

These amplifiers are not much powerful. It’s a misconception of many people who consider built-in amplifiers strong and powerful. That’s why they consider it a speaker’s fault when they don’t get the volume as they want.

If the volume does not turn over according to your expectations, it’s not because of faulty speakers. You can examine it by noticing the sound your speakers produce. If your speakers’ sound is flat and heavy, then it means your car’s speakers are not faulty.

The Car Amplifier Buying Guide

Here, the problem exists in amplifiers. The people who care about their car’s sound system mostly use external amplifiers.

Even more, external amplifiers are beneficial for your vehicle, too, because they will bring excitement to your car’s sub-woofers. You will notice sharpness in the speakers of your car.

Why Do You Need An Amplifier For Your Vehicle?

Some speakers work best even without an amplifier, so why is there a need to use it? Why are you suggested to use an external amplifier for your vehicle’s sound system?

Why are you recommended to add it to your car’s sound system? Amplifiers are one of the critical parts of the whole audio system of your car. You can say that these amplifiers keep your sound system alive.

If you want to respire life into your vehicle’s sound system too, then you must use amplifiers. If you want to listen to a quiet conversation or you like to listen to loud music, amplifiers bring a thrill into your sound system.

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The following are the advantages of adding amplifiers to your vehicle’s sound system.

Best Sound Quality

When you add an amplifier to your vehicle’s sound system, it gives your speaker the power source. This source drives your speakers more easily. Also, it improves the sound quality of your vehicle’s speakers.

Best Volume Level

Built-in amplifiers are those that are consist of amplifiers fixed with dashboard stereo. But if you use external amplifiers, they are not bound to the available space to fix them within your car.

So external amplifiers give your sound system a reasonable volume level. You can enjoy the sound of your choice on the best volume level.

Empower Your Vehicle’s Sub-Woofer’s And Upgraded Car Speaker’s

You may not be happy with the system of factory amp. It may not boost your vehicle’s sub-woofers or speakers. If you buy aftermarket speakers of high quality, you must provide them with a high power amount.

Only using this power, their performance can be measured on the peak. It is possible when you use external amplifiers. Factory amp units do not need much power as compared to sub-woofers. So, it is crucial to add an external amplifier’s into the sound system of your vehicle.

Select Best Car Amplifier For Your Vehicle

Go to the audio shops of local cars if you want to buy a car amplifier. Moreover, you can purchase it from internet outlets like big stores, eBay, or Amazon.

Before purchasing an amplifier, you must know its types that are available in the market. Moreover, search for the amplifier that matches your vehicle’s sound system.

You may not feel comfortable selecting an amplifier for your vehicle because many amplifiers are present in the market. You must know some necessary factors to buy a new amplifier or upgrade the previous one.

These factors are essential to consider to choose the best amplifier for your vehicle.

  • System Capability
  • Power
  • Channels
  • Amplifier Class/Rating

Installation Process Of Aftermarket Car Amplifier’s

Class Or Rating Of Amplifier

Amplifiers for cars have different categories that depend on their ratings. The electronic system circuit has specific designs and features. The classes or ratings of amplifiers are related to these designs and features.

Every amplifier has different attributes that are related to the efficiency of energy. The ratings are given to these amplifiers based on this efficiency of energy, operating temperature, and sound performance.

Car amps class categorized into Class A, Class AB, Class D, and Class B. Advantages and disadvantages of these classes are given below.

Class A Amplifiers


  • It can reproduce the fantastic sound of high frequency.


  • This class is inefficient for energy and has high operating temperatures.

Class B Amplifiers


  • This class has low operating temperatures. Even more, it is efficient for energy.


  • You find a high frequency of sound distortion in this class.

Class AB Amplifiers


  • This class can reproduce the sound of high-frequency. These amplifiers are also efficient for energy and have low operating temperatures.


  • Performance at the peak is less as compared to A class.

Class D Amplifiers


  • The excellent feature of this class is that these amplifiers have low operating temperatures. They are efficient for energy. They have good sound reproduction at low-frequency.


  • High-frequency reproduction of sound is not good.

Class AB amplifiers have characteristics of both A and B class amplifiers. So, these are best to add to your car’s sound s system without a specific trade-off. If you want to buy the best for low-frequency sound amplifiers, then D class amplifiers are the best choice for you.


Channels are electronic circuits that are used to provide support and power to your vehicle’s single speaker. If you want to empower many speakers’ units, then multiple channels of car amplifiers are best for you.

Now the question is, which channel system should you add to your car’s sound system, and what should be the number of these channels? You will find the different configurations of car amplifiers.

The number of channels is directly linked with the number of speakers in your car’s sound system. It means that each speaker requires a separate channel for it. If you add a sub-woofer into your car’s sound system, then a single amp can drive it.


Choose the speakers first, then buy an amp to boost the sound system. This amp will give power to your car’s speakers. Don’t neglect this option. If you have a factory speaker unit that is pre-installed, then calculate the RMS value.

You have to choose an amplifier that can deliver the RMS figure between 755 to 150%.

System Compatibility

If you want to craft your car’s audio system from scratch, you must buy preamp outputs and features line-level inputs of amplifiers. You can add an unamplified signal to your car’s amp to get a clear sound.

Installation Process of Aftermarket Car’s Amplifier

Search for an excellent location to fix amplifiers. You also have to find a way in which you can route wires. When you purchase an amp unit for your car’s audio system, determine a location to fix hardware. You also have to route wires at this location.

Most companies do not install amps in the cards, so you have to do it after buying a car. Search for a place within your car in which you can fix the amp.

You can fix it in the trunk of the vehicle, under the seat, or against the passenger side’s firewall. Measure the spaces in your car, then go to buy an amp unit for it.

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